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Low temperature & palnt not close to be harvested


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Hello shiny happy people,

I have a huge SuperSkunk tree growing in my greenhouse, i could see some very very light yellowing in trichomes but i understand it's not close to being harvested.

I fear then in week temperatures are going to hit steady minuses and my two heaters wont be do enough. Even if i had more, greenhouse is way to big.

I talked with a friend who is experienced grower. He told me i can either harvest now and make hash or cut branches and keep on growing them indoors.

I am somewhat interested in second option. Anybody has any experience with that? Any links to helpful information? To be honest, i don't even know how this method is called.


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The real problem off leaving longer too ripen out doors is higher humidity & the risk of bud rot !

So i would check your local online weather station & i'm sure their is few kicking around for most area... ya should be looking at one which shows RH in their chart :high-five:

RH 80% higher is a problem & cooling nights could provide ideal breading grounds for Botrytis...

If RH is a problem harvest now.

If not you could insulate green house with bubble wrap to increase temps & use a paraffin heater at night and a side effect of paraffin heaters is that it produces Co2.

Other wise for next season look for a shorter flower time for the strain & indica's can be a good option followed by auto flowering strain.


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What color trichomes are you seeing, and what percentage of each?



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With regards to your query regarding taking a branch inside, this is referred to as cloning. It is usually done before the flower stage, but it is still possible to take cuttings from a plant that is already flowering. There are many methods but it can be as simple as cutting a small growing tip, 2-6 inches long, stripping most of the leaves, and tossing it in a glass of water. In a few days to a couple of weeks it should have roots and can be transplanted. Eventually it will start producing single blade leaves and will transition to regular leaves and take off.

Hope this is helpful.



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Thanks Ravyn, i try reading some more and do this. It was -4 tonight and wont get much better so i guess it's time. I have seen pictures of adult clones but we see how it works in real life.
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