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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2019
Fuckin' hell Lowded! Which were those? I mean :bravo:
Man thank you! :high-five:20% was my lowest, then 22% and this bomb show! I'm keeping it a secret till I reproduce the numbers.
I would like to flip with ya on Feb 1st - I like the idea of a 4/20 harvest.
Ok! Let's plan for 420 harvest! Feb 1 it is! I had a blast last year doing that!

Here's my last look for a while at my girls. The flowering clones seem to have the single leafs shriveling up. seems after they shrivel, the actual pot leaves appear. I put in the last drip tray, put a dial on the humidifier that only operates during daytime. I ran out of headroom in veg tent so GGxL3 went to flower prep.....These were branches I broke....timing timing timing. ..let's see what the results are of a miss managed plant. Sorry to y'all for watching this but away we go!



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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2019
Holy colas Batman! Pretty dang good looking flowering tent here Lowded. That quadlined Zelda is a jaw dropper.
Thanks Ase! I wish I could put some time into trying to quadline a reveg....not sure where I'd start, there's stuff coming from everywhere. The stems are so so small and flimsy I can't wait to see how this turns out. They have 9 days till flip.


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2019
Howdy 420 Folks!

Well I'm managing a grow now lol and have a question about Zamdellica a pure sativa from ACE. She is stretching like crazy, so I just super crop her around the tent?

Cheers y'all's sorry I haven't been by as much. I still have the love for all your journals!


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2019
10-4 folks I'm on the radio all-day calling "lowded" in one direction I love it lol. I'm studying for my exam next week let's hope all's well :goodluck:
I somehow have to explain to trim the lowers as I'm 5 days from flip. I'm also considering not and just letting nature take its course till the 21 day flower clip......btw I'm up to 50 plts now lol. I love Canada I just wish those racists would get a grip
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