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Lower Branchs as long as the plant


I have 2 set of branches that are the 2nd Node from the bottom of my plant that are almost as long as the entire plant it self. My lighting is a Sun Blaze 40,000 Lumen T5 HO lighting system and placed 13" above the plant.

Should i leave the branches alone? or should i top them about 1/2 way back so they will be shorter and produce new branches from that cut area.:420:


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hello sound like you need to lower your lights a little. your plant is trying to get more light.
I had this happen to me years ago, you can trim them back, but it won't hurt them to just leave them alone.


The lower branches are stretching but the top of the plant is not thou, i can see this by the lower branches being pretty much the same length as the main shoot. The branches have about 3 inches of spacing between the main shoot and the first set of leaves.This spacing is only happening on the first 2 nodes of branches on the plant at the base of the main shoot.

From what i have read the spacing on the branch it self from the main shoot to the first set of leaves on that branch is too much. Most of the branch is bare until you get to the end of the branch it self then you find leaves.
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