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Lower leaves turning yellow & brown dying


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Plant is just over two weeks since sprouting and the lower leaves are turning yellow then brown and dying, very crispy. Using distilled water, Roots organic soil, no ferts other than what is in soil mix. Lights are T5, about 2 inches from top of plant. Suggestions?


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Thanks for the suggestion! I transplanted it into the bigger pot, so at least we can take that variable out of the equation. It definitely had a thick mass of roots! I will only leave them in the red cups for a week or 10 days going forward to see if this is the cure.


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Change the water source to purified drinking water. Its ph is around 6.5-6.8, much better than distilled which is around 5.8 which is great for some apps but not soil. When the lower older growth scorches like that its a potassium def. and its best available 6.5-7.5 in soil.


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My girls only stay in a solo cup for 1 watering. Once they dry from the first watering (4-7 days depending) I always transplant and they usually have filled in the cup by then. Not transplanting soon enough was one of my first mistakes as well as over feeding thinking it will make them grow more(it doesn't lol)
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