LSD - White Rhino - Venice Beach Afghan - 600 Watt HPS - Soil Grow!


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Welcome Everyone!!

Hello! Here we have another grow! This grow will consist of 3 strains:

  • Barneys Farm LSD
  • Green House White Rhino
  • Kera Venice Beach Afghan

This will be a Soil grow with Smart Pots!

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
LSD - Indica Dominant
White Rhino - Indica Dominant
Venice Beach Afghan - 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

Strain Lineage / Genealogy:
LSD - Mazar x Skunk #1
White Rhino - White Widow x Afghanistan
Afghan - OG Kush x White Widow

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
- Seedling
- LSD Clones

If in Veg... For how long?
- Seedling sprouted December 13, 2014

Indoor or outdoor?
- Indoor

Soil or Hydro?
- Soil
- 75% Happy frog
- 25.0% Perlite

Size of light?
- CFL's for vegging
- 600 Watt HPS for flower

Temp of Room/cab?
- High 84 degrees
- Low 70 Degrees

Size of Room/cab?
- 6 X 3 x 7.5
- 440CFM fan
- 4x12 Phresh filter

PH of soil?
- 6.5

Type and strength of ferts used?
- No nutes until around 3 weeks vegging
- Botanicare KIND nute line (base, Grow, Bloom, Aquashield, Cal/Mag)
- General Hydroponics pH up and down.

- I have to purchase new nutrients soon so I will update on them once i make a decision! Im thinking about going with the GH flora series.

- pH Meter
- PPM Meter

The seeds have sprouted and are growing good! I took LSD clones before i started flowering my LSD girl. That grow is in my signature come by and check out how LSD is going to grow!

I germinated a White Widow seed also but it didnt make it =(.

It will be a little bit before this grow really takes off but go ahead and subscribe and stick around! I will keep you updated with pictures!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
12/13/14 Seeds Popping


Venice Beach Afghan


White Rhino


LSD Clones.

Sprouted and doing good! Light is 2 inches from tops.




White Rhino



The clones are ready to be transplanted. Im trying to slow them down as i want the seedlings to catch up! I have them off to the side so they get less light also. That one in the rockwool cube in the big smart pot has now be transplanted to a small blue cup like the rest of them.
Nice start. Looks like I'm here early. I wonder what kind of shinanigans will go on here :)
Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by! It will be a few weeks before things get going good! I topped my clones today. Im trying to slow them down a little! They are growing like crazy in my starter cups! I want to get a good 5 weeks into my LSD flowering before i start vegging these girls. That should put me about perfect to harvest LSD and get these in the flowering room.

I may do a scrog on these 3 strains for this grow. I havent decided yet. Im going to see how LSD does just growing untrained.
Glad to have you here Subnoise!

Update Time!

The two sprouts are doing good! The white rhino is growing great! Its outgrowing the Venice beach a little. I went ahead an transplanted them to 5 gallon pots because i forgot to mix perlite with my soil in the small cups so i wanted them to be able to grow faster. Transplants went great. They always slide right out of these blue cups I have. White Rhino if course had more roots than the Afghan. Still doing great though! The LSD clones are ready to take off but im trying to slow them down lol... No transplant yet until the two seedlings catch up.

Check out the pics!




Dont mind the two little tomato sprouts up front!

Hey Atavistic Ape! Welcome! Thanks bro.


Havent updated on this grow lately so I thought i would give a picture update on whats going on!

White Rhino has really taken off! Venice beach is right behind her. I transplanted the two seedlings to their 5 gallon smart pots in hope they take off and they have! Im really happy with the growth.

Also transplanted the LSD clones yesterday to some cheap 1.5 gallon buckets with about 1 gallon of soil in each. They were starting to get root bound so I didnt want them to be stressed.

Also raised the lights some as they were starting to get heat stressed, tacoing upwards on the pointy edges. They are now out the seedling stage so its ok to raise the lights up more. I have a lot of plants in the room so i have 8 lights right now. Usually i veg with only 3 CFL's, a lot of light or penetration is not needed for vegging.

The LSD are a little droopy from their transplant but they will bounce back in a day or two. Everything got water today also. Tap water no pH adjusters or nutes... Plain tap water. I transplanted the 4 out of 5 strongest clones. The 5th will most likely get scraped due to not enough room. I may also only flower 3 of the LSD so I will just see depending on room.


Venice Beach Afghan! Shes doing great!


White Rhino! Crazy growth!


And here is the 4 transplanted clones.


Looking very good my man!! That White Rhino has some gnarly big leaves! Can't wait to see how she progresses!

Thanks bro! Yea i know! You can tell its a indica thats for sure! Cant wait to try all these strains! Of course im super stoked about my LSD that will be harvested in 6 more weeks!
Havent updated in a while! Everything is going good and just waiting on LSD to get out the flowering room. Should be only about 2-3 more weeks. These girls are getting so big! Im going to clone all of them in about 3 weeks and then throw them under the SCROG in the flowering room.

Front right is Afghan and back right is White Rhino!

Hey brother, great start to the journal!

Your plants look lovely, but your clones are getting crazy lanky.. Time for a sas i bet they are root bound. Also, tipping them often keeps them short and will promote more side branching and make them look less scraggly!!

Have you thought about putting a small MH in your veg cab like 250w or 400?? you'd be amazed by the growth youd see!
Hey brother, great start to the journal!

Your plants look lovely, but your clones are getting crazy lanky.. Time for a sas i bet they are root bound. Also, tipping them often keeps them short and will promote more side branching and make them look less scraggly!!

Have you thought about putting a small MH in your veg cab like 250w or 400?? you'd be amazed by the growth youd see!

Glad to have you here GreenThumbJ! I for sure agree with them being lanky! Growth nodes are spaced so far apart!!! I dont like it at all. I have a few factors that have caused this on these 4 clones.. For one they have had very minimal light... I only have 4 CFL's on all these plants. The reason for this is my Veg room has NO ventilation. I have to purchase a fan and filter for this room as funds have been tight lately. The second cause could be something to do with no ventilation in the room. I leave it cracked when I can so they can breath.

One day i will have everything like I like it...

I have been topping and topping these clones trying to get them to bush out. I think lack of light is really taking its toll on these =(

Also, come check out my LSD mother grow! I got a few weeks left! Let me know what you think about her! The colas are getting BIG!
I asked you a question regarding how you come up with an NPK ratio of 1-2-3 for your flowering recipe in your other journal, cause that makes no sense at all!

**edit** "sas" should be tranplant lol.. i just read that now in my first reply on this journal!!
Haha its ok i thought thats what you meant. I agree they are ready for a transplant! No room yet though. You think i should scrap one or two of them so i have more room and more light per plant? Im probably only going to flower two LSD clones and the two seeded plants anyway.
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