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LSG strain?

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Howdy folks :) has anyone ever heard of a strain named " LSG " ? .. I had some baby plants donated to me, some with name tags some without, and a story of how they may or may not have had the wrong name tags attached to them so I don't really know what my grow is this year Ha !:laugh: Some of them turned out to be males this one included but i'm hoping one of the ones that was female and didn't have a name tag was the same strain. Can you help solve the mystery ??? heres the cup it came in....Peace....

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Re: LSG strain ?

Hmm a breeder Lady Sativa Genetics? But that's not an actual strain...
There's an LSD strain, but it's difficult to mix up G and D...
Thanks Antics ..I too ran across Lady Sativa Genetics in my search for its Identity and thought maybe something from seed ? but still no id,and then I thought maybe someone a helper or something mistakenly heard G instead of D and wrote it on the cup ? Ha ! :laugh2: If that's the case i kinda hope this is one of them

I might even try to cut a clone from it...no matter what I do me thinks it will remain a mystery ! Peace :48:


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Re: LSG strain ?

If I had to guess I would say its 'life saver grape'. maybe lsd x grape gum, grape ape, or some other grape cross.

Any thoughts? cheers
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Re: LSG strain ?

Whatever strain it is, if you end up with a female and you take good care of it, she's going to take very good care of you.
Enjoy the grow brother!
yup I hear ya my friend :48: ...still going through the learning curve but its all good, In the end I know my girls wont let me down whatever flavor they are.....


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Re: LSG strain ?

Thanks for the link Antics....information at a fingertip :reading420magazine: I will always be learning (I hope) and not that this has anything to do with the op I will probably always have specific questions that I will ask that will have to do with a specific problem I have run up against that probably needs to have an answer faster then I can figure it out on my own Ha ! :) something im sure another grower has a solution for... Plus even If I think have the answer it is great to have positive reinforcement from someone who's "been there done that" before I make a move that cant be reversed,, I've had a few other outdoor grows and a few indoor hydro shows that everything went fine on but this one was different..lol....anyway tnx for the comments bro.
It's an amazing guide to help you through all the little things in a grow.

And check out the 420 Contests too. There are 3 contests every month, Plant of the Month, Nug of the Month, and Member of the Month. You can enter your plants, or dry nugs in either contest. There is a limit of 25 entries, and the entries are accepted between the 1st and 14th of each month, Voting opens on the 15th. It's a great way to show off your hard work! There's a link in my signature for it.