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LST Late in Veg?


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My clones are already around 2 months into veg. My one Indica (GDP) has three main tops that are shooting up, I want to tie these three down in hopes of filling out my canopy more before I flower it.

I know LST is better to do early on, I'm wondering if it will cause any problems doing it this late into veg?


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I tie down branches even in flower, to allow light to lower buds, so it is not too late to train your babies in veg. It's best to do the cropping and shaping while in veg, and you can do this right up to the day you put her under 12/12. Don't do more than careful leaf trimming once in flower, or you will slow down bud growth.

In flower, your plants will stretch unevenly, and in my opinion, tying down is the least stressful way to even out the canopy. If you have the room to scrog, then you do this all through late veg and flower stages. (I did not have room for even 2' x 2' scrogs in the closet, so I went with tying down individual branches, using garden ties, clipped to the edge of the pot with binder clips.)

Once they are under 12/12, however, don't do any cropping unless absolutely necessary, as this slows down bud formation.
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