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Lucas formula or 1-2-3


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I'm currently using the Lucas formula in my hempy grow, and was wondering if any of you have used the Lucas formula and the 1-2-3 gh formula, and which you liked better. I know I'll get a bloom booster for next grow, but didn't know if changing up formula would benefit me or if I should stick to simplicity

John C

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I have used the Lucas formula, used the General Hydroponics Nutrient Feed schedule, used my own nutrient feed schedule, grown without flowering booster and grown with flowering boosters. I found that by giving the plants the General Hydroponics Nutrient Feed Schedule my plants leaves are greener further into flowering. Under High Pressure Sodium lights I was able to give my plants 5 millilitres per gallon Flora Gro, 8 millilitres per gallon Flora micro and 15 millilitres per gallon Flora Bloom without any leaf claw from excess nitrogen in flower. I believe the quality of my buds is enhanced by using flowering booster General Hydroponics Liquid KoolBloom and KoolBloom Dry.
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