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Lucy harvest pic, paper or plastic?


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This was the first one cut of 4, the first 2 looked like they were getting root bound at day 84 of flower, so I cut them a tad early. The trichomes were at about 20-30% amber. the first 2 are about 2 weeks older than the 2nd 2 Ill be cutting in a couple days when I get a better amber to milky trich ratio. All 4 were grown in just 2 gallon pots, and the first 2 were the smaller of the 4 and after being cut and trimmed they were 2.6oz still wet, and still with the main stems running through. when I transfer them to curing jars, Ill nip all the buds from the main stalks, and see what Kinda wieght I get then. I should get about 1/2-3/4oz dried from each plant, and I think the next 2 will be a bit better, Should get closer to an oz of dried bud per 2gal pot. Which I dont think is to bad considering the lsd is a tougher strain to grow, and Ive only got about 1 1/2 years of growing put in. The lemon skunk came out great, and gave us about 8oz from the 5 plants. Let me know what ya all think, and Ill get pics up and info on the other 2 as soon as I cut em. Thanx..
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