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Lung Health Issue


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hello, all -

i really appreciate you taking the time to read this. if you know anything about what i'm talking about, i would *especially* appreciate your response.

i have smoked up on a regular basis for a couple years, sometimes going months without doing any, sometimes several times a week for a month.

i was in the emergency room for unrelated reasons recently and they did a CT scan of my chest. the doctors told me that i have a lung bulla, which is basically a bubble in the lining of my lung. apparently this places me at higher risk for a spontaneous pneumothorax, which can be life-threatening.

before you tell me to see a real doctor, i'm already ahead of you there, but it's weeks before my appointment and i'm going nuts. i can find virtually zero info on this health condition on the internet, but apparently it's virtually guaranteed to afflict only smokers. i never smoke cigarettes, only pot.

has anyone had this or know someone who has? i SOOOOOOO appreciate any feedback.

thanks so much!

danknuggirl in nyc


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thanks, Indiegenerate. yes, i came upon that same article in my own searches. i hadn't been aware of this health issue relating to marijuana usage until it came up in the context of my own health.

i'm not sure if it's dangerous to smoke pot while i still have this 'bubble' in my lungs, and am wary of asking a doctor and having them give me the blanket response "pot is bad," as i've had in the past when i've answered questions about my drug history/usage honestly.

so yes, i don't really know what to do.

on a happier note, half of my family is from and still lives in the the Dayton, OH area (Kettering and Xenia). :) i've been there many, many times and even lived in the area for a brief period.


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Wow, that's a drag. I would recommend that you immediately stop smoking. If you'd like to continue using pot, vape it or eat it. Save your lungs.

Best of luck. :3::peace:


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i've never heard of this before. thanks to bringing this to my attention.

i really hope you get better soon...

i'll see if i can dig up anything on the net for you.

good luck!!


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Dankbudgirl...I hope my warning doesn't scare you away from MMJ...you can eat edibles like cookies or brownies using your stash to make cannabutter for the recipe. Also...if you choose to smoke or vape (personally, I would not risk it, because it can lead to a life threatening crisis), then do not breath hold at all...simply breath it in and exhale without the hold...you do not want to risk making it bigger...I wish you well and will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.:peace:

Also, inlight of research provided by indegenerate, I suggest you breath in slowly and don't try to fill your lungs completely...just remember a strong cough could spark a problem.


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Thanks so much to everyone for their research and support. I have decided, in the best interests of my health, to quit any smoking/deep breathing of particulates until I have been able to discuss this issue at length with a doctor. I know that consuming pot food won't hurt my condition, though. Does anyone have any favorite/especially potent cannabis food or cannabutter recipes they'd be willing to share.

I've decided it's most important to watch out for my health, but I've really been missing those chill-out highs I used to treat myself to - they were a critical part of my good mental health, not something I now want to have to throw out the window.

Thanks again to everyone for your help and support. It's really helped me through this very scary time.


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I'm so sorry to hear 'bout your condition~~I quit cigarettes myself cause of Empythsema, and smoke only pot~~thankfully my lungs improved~~me & my wife
also vape~~we also make our own cannabutter & edibiles~~lots of things are good wih cannabutter~~try bagels~~baked potatoes~~corn~~brownies~~420 treats ( rice crispy )~~and there are so many other tasty foods you can try~~good luck to you~~


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Like Mose recommended I'd start eating eatables,and see it the lung condition inproves,also have you been around alot of cig smokers, as second hand smoke can be worse than smoking itself.Good luck with it though.

This can be argued over and over, but I was there at phillip morris making the steel mold for the masks they used to test second hand smoke. There are more carcinogens on the corner of a busy street then standing 4 feet from 1 smoker.

Not that it's good for you... but never beleive everything they say in this country :)


i like to remember that the shit i'm inhaling is what causes that nasty black shit to accumulate in pipes, now time to smoke some resin:smoke2:

on a side note i drive a bike taxi in a large city where it is cold, the exhaust fumes from the cars make me choke. It is so bad now that it is winter and all the toxins stay near the ground. I'm not really sure which is worse, inhaling sticky smoke or nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide and dioxide and whatever else is there from the cars or the pot i smoke. Oh well what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


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All smoking damages the lungs. I recommend using a vape or medibles if you have lung issues.

Moose is right.
There are vaporizer pipes for around $50 and work extremely well...give one a try, the effects are slightly different with more head effect...you can still get plenty stoned off a lot less MJ.:439:
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