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yo, so I just made one of those lung things with a 2-liter bottle and a plastic bag and whatnot. is there a way I could make the smoke cold because its a very harsh smoke.
i cant remember what the lung looks like... isnt it just a bag taped to the end of the bottle, with the bottom cut out?

if so, possibly put the whole thing in the freezer for about 5 min, so the bottle will catch a slight chill...

sorry man, i wish i could help. harsh smoke aint the funnest..but it still gets ya high as da sky.
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its a cut in half 2-liter bottle, plastic bag taped air-tight to it. and then I suck the bag up into the bottle and put my bowl on the top and hold a lighter and then pull the bag out and it sucks the smoke down inside of it so its pure smoke no oxygen in there. only problem is, its a harsh hot smoke.
i hear ya.

i officially just packed bowl #2... out of... well, however many bowls i get with this quarter.

im definately gonna take a picture of the bong when the battery gets charged.

man, for one of the first time i filled the entire bong up until smoke was touching my lips, with THICK smoke.... not just that weak 'see-through' smoke. this shit was thick.

after that hit, my eyes closed, i could feel them turning red.

god damn pot is nice.
about halfway down put like that shit on screen doors
a screen to hold about 4 ice cubes should work IMO, put the screen about half way thru the bottle so the bag section still has the strength
i dont know how to fasten the screen inside the bottle tho