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Lurker that finally registered


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Hi all, I used to grow many moons ago for recreational purposes and have been getting caught up on modern methods by reading through the forums. Someone asked a question I thought I had input on so I finally went ahead and registered. I like the general mood and helpful nature of people here so hopefully you'll all be around for awhile.



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That is Great to hear, Jump right in. :thumb:
We :welcome: you Friend.
Cannabis is a Wonderful plant, We smoke it then to get high, We smoke it now to get by. ;)
You are saying what so many here have said... they are rediscovering Mary Jane.
Cannabis is so very useful. :439:
That is why we gather here to Spread Cannabis Awareness.
We know you will enjoy your time here, Maybe make good friends.
So go add your input, and Continue to add your input. :31:
That what makes 420 great, people like you helping each other For a Very Positive Vibe. :allgood:
We will be looking for you in the Forums. :peace:


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Hi GanjaTuck, :welcome: to 420's home. Yes thee home. :439:
Glad you've joined us in spreading cannabis/hemp awareness.
Spread the good news to all. :thumb:
There is a lot of information to absorb here. :reading420magazine:
Pull up a chair and enjoy. :slide:
I'll see you around the forums.
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