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Lush Lumenator 2x Grow Journal of 9 LB Hammer Pheno 1 by Pre_Caylx

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Day 2
Day 4
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Day 5
Day 8
Day 11
Day 14
Day 15
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Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 20 still just Super Coco and water for these plants.
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Day 21
Day 22
Day 25
Day 25.2
Day 26
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Day 26.2
Day 26.3
Day 28
Day 31
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First day of some brewed tea. Will be getting the tea every other watering for the next couple weeks
Day 31.2
Day 32
Day 35
Day 36
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Plants seem to be liking the tea. Just started feeding them this week. 10/14 flowering cycle Day 38
Day 38
Day 38
Day 39
Day 39
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Day 40
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Day 41, fed with Organic Tea.
Day 43 Back to straight water.
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Showing real results with Lush Lighting LED's grown by Pre-Calyx.


Member of the Month: Jan 2015 - Plant of the Month: Jan 2015
very nice work man,
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Thank you c526. I appreciate it :)


Member of the Month: Jan 2015 - Plant of the Month: Jan 2015
Im glad to see the 10/14 dark cycle,its something Ive used.Also something Ive got a beatdown for,on other forums.

I think your skill as a grower,is shown,led or not.

care to elaborate,on your tea and feed?
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I think everyone has individual growing styles and circumstances. You should never get a beat down for your methods. Sorry that happened to you. Thanks for the compliment. We like to show results and let them speak for themselves. Hard to sway people with claims, hard to deny the photos :)
As I've said, we all have our own styles but I don't mind sharing with you what we use at all. On this grow, OGTea and SuperCoco was used. The media is so naturally enriched, supplement is not needed. The plants get more energy from the light so nutes can be dialed back.

Of course, our secret is lighting. We fuel photosynthesis about two weeks ahead of the curve and offer a more energetic light to stimulate growth and production all the way down to result in bigger buds, higher yields, better tasting buds, better aroma and density.

In short, we did testing on cannabis to improve the light's performance and these photos show the results. Glad you like what you've seen so far :)
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A little more Lush Buds to drool over. Day 49...closing in :)


Member of the Month: Jan 2015 - Plant of the Month: Jan 2015
gorgeous plants,frosty as hell

in the 4th picture down,what is that block spot in the middle of the flower??
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I had to call in some fresh eyes to help me look and neither of us could tell what that spot is. Honestly, it looks like a reflection of the camera mis-communicating depth. Good question.