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Lymphoma & Canna oil


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Hello everyone. Newbie here. Although I have been reading a whole lot for the past month since my buddy was diagnosed. He's 10yrs old this year and I got told he had Lymphoma. He has swollen lymph nodes Wich have gone down a bit but not much yet. Me,the vet and family all decided against chemo,and so my research begun,I had heard of cannabis oil before and started to dig. Several groups,forums,post,videos,asking around and a few books,I have come to the conclusion that RSO type extractions are not feasable for me.

The reason is I live in a third world country. Dominican Republic,Maria is ilegal here, although I can get it,it cost me 1k to get an oz of decent "street cannabis". While many people can make FECO with it,in my case,1g will be about 3g of pure extract that I would need to dilute and would last me about 2 weeks or even 1 if it's a strong dilution. That's a lot of Ks on weed,not mentioning alcohol for the extraction.

So my second best option is infused coconut oil or glycerin tincture.

I can make a lot of oil from 1g of material or from 1/2 of it that will give me a good amount of material and possibly enough for a monthly dosing.

But I want to get your input on this. I'm already giving the first infusion I made, although to me it's a really mellow infusion,he has his appetite back and energy as well. I have watched tons of tutorials and red many online recipes from many weed savvy people so I make a better oil next time!.

Thanks everyone for your help!.


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I am not a vet by any means but I do understand the love a pet. I would suggest maybe looking on google for cbd oils for pets. I looked and found a few. I dont know if it would work or if they ship to the DR but it would be a lot cheaper than buying an oz for 1k and losing the whole batch. Good luck and I hope it helps and eases your buddies pain.


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Yeah my little Odie guards my grow room lol. Hes a yorkie/poodle mix...so hes a porkie lol. But I would never give him anything with thc. Luckily he doesnt seem to be interested into getting into my stash.
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