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I was astounded to discover that this was only the fourth Mad Magazine to ever be printed! Not extremely entertaining but I thought it was interesting that the publisher is noted as an educational incorporation. It is important to notice the man selling "reefer's" is first attributed with being both a bank robber and a "pimp." This is a true example of educating the American public with Reefer Madness.

MAD #4
DATE: April/May 1953
STORY PLOT: The story of Ramona Snarfl, a typical American girl, who had to choose between two lovers. One a fat slob and the other a handsome male. The choice at first was obvious, but after a few nights out with him, she started to notice a few odd things, like where did he get his money etc. So she goes back to the fat slob. However in the end she sees the light and the last panel shows her selling reefers to grammar school kids. The captions reads, "I was no fool! It's the night clubs for me! Hey kids wanna buy some weeds, cheap? C'mon look, fork over your lunch money! C'mon before the teacher comes.. . . It's hard to take MAD magazine seriously.
FOOTNOTES: [1]- None
Publisher: Educational Comics, Inc., 225 Lafayette St., New York 12, N.Y.
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