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M&M & Marijuana Munchie Mix Lands Man In Jail

Jim Finnel

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Marijuana and the munchies go hand in hand but a Melbourne man has found a way to get his fix while satisfying his munchines at the same time.

19-year old James Trevon PIttman will face a judge next month on charges of speeding through the city munching on a bag of peanut M-and-Ms mixed with marijuana.

Officers uncovered the strange mix when they pulled Pittman over earlier this month. They also ordered him to pull off his shorts and found a partially burned, marijuana-stuffed cigar in one of the pockets.

Pittman was charged with driving under the influence, possession of cannabis, and speeding.

He will go to court July 5 on the charges.

cbs4.com - M&M & Marijuana Munchie Mix Lands Man In Jail


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