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looking like bad news dude.. and if you arent into using a male to breed then def bad news. if it were female you would be seeing 2 small pistils emerging from the calyx("pistillate primordia")... but with male you see the "staminate primordia" develop instead.. which turns into male flowers


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where are you seeing these things? this plant im not to worried about but i got 2 more in a diferent area that have another few weeks veg to go..then i have 6 babies...i really wanna figure this sexing thing out by then but with the last plant i did it looked like this so i was gonna kill it but i got lucky when my friend told me not to because what i thought was male balls were just pre flower buds or something. it ended up being a female...IM SO CONFUSED LOL. any help would be great:)


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If your want to breed then keep it seperate from your other plants until you sex them once you see the female emerge you will be able to see the difference like night and day, OG


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it was the only plant i had flowering all my others have at least 8 weeks to veg...i killed this plant cause i didnt think i could use it for anything....can you use males for hash if so ill keep them if i get them but in a diferent place.
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