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M1's Multi Strain - 1500W - DWC/Soil - Grow - Lots of Resources

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Hello everyone, let me be the first to wish you all a great day and :welcome: you to my grow.

During this grow I will be recording in depth over all plant health, growth, characteristics of strains and the method to my madness. Here I would like to share information and learn how other people create their success growing this fantastic plant!

So lets get started shall we, :high-five:

Grow Space: 8.2' by 4.2' by 6.5' Grow tent 1200 Oxford cloth and mylar
Lighting: 2X 600W MH/HPS and 1X 300W L.E.D (9 wavelengths, 3W leds)
Ventilation: 2X 440CFM 6" inline blowers, Ducting (fresh air from outside)
Nutrients: Will talk more in depth about nute composition further in(N,P,K,Ca,Mg etc) I will also be using powder nitrogen and mycorrhizae as well as GH PH up and down.
Grow Medium: 7X 5gal DWC and X6 Soil (Ocean Forest mixed with Happy frog)I will also be using R/O water
Electrical: The entire room is professionally wired to its own circuit beaker, with PLENTY of head room

Strains: 2X ChemDog, 2X Blue Dream, 1X Super Critical, 1X Blue O.G, 1X White Rhino all currently on day 11 From seed. 1X Hercules clones, 1X Purple Trainwreck, 1X Cheese, 1X Sage N' Sour, 1X Northern Lights all 14 days from dry seed. When the time comes I will be adding one more girl to the grow, an Auto Pineapple express. I will be vegging the other girls longer so I decided to wait a few weeks to get this one going as it is an auto-flowering.

All seeds were germinated in cups of water with 1/8 reg veg nutes along with mycorrhizae, at approx 83F inside a dome. All seeds were transplanted into their new homes (DWC in rockwool and Soil girls into solo cups) Within 36 hours although most of the seeds sprouted a tail in under 18 hours. Three days later they were all transplanted to their final homes for the grow. (Note: I was vary skeptical about using nutrients at such an early age but it does seem to speed things up a little bit. Keep in mind All these strains except the Hercules I have never worked with so its not much to go by)

After about 2 days of trying to control the temperature by adjusting the fan I NEEDED to find a more economic way, I invested in 2 temperature Fan controllers. It made life so easy I set one by the cold air inlet at 67F and the other at my canopy for 75F(the one hooked to my lights). Both cost me about $60 and was well worth it.

My DWC res temperatures stay at 68F but have drifted up to 71F and down to 63F at night, Right now I feel safe with those temperatures but there is room for improvement. My ambient air temps have stayed 73-78 through out the day and 65-67 at night.

Currently all plants are 2 nodes at least and my race horse (Blue O.G.) is at her 4th node and has noticeable branch sprouts. Dirt plants are all on their 2nd node and tiny tiny branch sprouts on the Sage n sour. So far the growth in DWC has jumped roughly 6-9% for the plants (keeping in account they are different strains and might not grow the same) I also have cut off the single leaves and the green tabs seedlings have.

I'm Expecting a USB cable for my camera within the next 2-4 days So I will have Pics vary soon for you guys.

Let me know if anyone Has any questions or advice I'm open to all of it!:thanks: Looks like I'll be wrapping it up for this post, Hope everyone has a good day (again) whatever day your on when you read this ;)
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Hey man thank you for that, Had a hard enough time trying to get my profile pic on LOL!

Welcome to the grow, Might try and snag a couple pics with my laptop for you guys tonight. It hasn't been used in years so who knows.

My blue OG's leaves are vary nice sized 3-4 inches in length so far (The others are at the same development stage but have smaller leaves) The blue dreams are tiny plants so far, the both of em

Thanks for joining Kingjohn , everyone have a great day!
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

# update Last night I accidentally snapped one of my girls almost clean in half :17: It was an immediate " CRAP" moment, I jumped up found some duct tape and tapped it back together. The plant was snapped below her first set of leaves and branches and almost within 5 mins everything was totally droopy and dead looking. I thought for sure She was a goner. This morning I looked in to find that my little chemdog is gonna make it! only one side of her is droopy but the rest is standing like nothing happened.

I plan on leaving the tape on for a week or till I feel its healed over. I've never broke a plant this bad so if she makes it the knuckle holding this plant up is going to be insane!
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Ok guys, Long awaited are some pictures and they are crappy LOL!

Took these with my laptop's webcam, couldn't see the screen to see what I was capturing lol

So no more waiting its time for a # picture update!

The Super Critical

Blue OG

Blue OG in the front

As always have a great day guys and tell me what ya think about what you can actually see lol!
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Honestly man its EVERYTHING lol. However a huge part of that success is the fact I'm growing with the DWC, the dirt girls ( besides 3 hurc clones the bigger ones) are the same age as all the DWC. My nutrients are playing a huge part in the growth, the DWC in the back right hand corner was put a FF trio along with some organic nutes and the difference is pretty amazing. I've already stopped doing that and all my girls including the dirt on on a strict Weekly exchange. ( sometimes the dirt girls get an extra watering in there somewhere but 3-5 days I water dirt plant)

One thing I will note with any plants is if you can judge the stage your plant is at (there are several stages your plant goes through where it slows, growth speeds up and heavy training or defoliating at the wrong time or not giving the proper nutrients can decrease your plant growth potential. Of course a plants genetics has MUCH to do with how big it can get or how fast it can grow.

Proper nutrients would include the correct level NPK, Ca, Mg, B and the whole list. I keep a Notebook for my plants and I track what I feed them what I do to them and how it seems to effect them from my perspective. All my girls have a different amount of nutrients because I have some that cant take the heavy PPM's like my wonderful blue OG can.

These plants have a vary fast response ( as far as plants are concerned) to the stress they encounter, so when your doing things with your plant like super cropping, massive defoliating or over watering, over feeding it wont be but 3-8 hours you will see some damage happening and you can still save it from being badly hurt. As the experience takes over your growing mind you wont make many mistakes or at least not the ones you made before lol!

#UPDATE Today I will be starting my Auto-Flowering Pineapple Express I've decided to hook her up to the DWC, Once she is rooted in she's going straight to DWC and no training no bending not a thing to this girl!

Will have better pictures up vary soon by Monday night or sooner! and as always guys have a great day!
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Ok guys got one last laptop picture update, this is literally a days growth apart from the other pics. Today they are exacly 3 weeks old from seed and dirt girls are 3 weeks 3 days ( besides clones)

Here's the chemdog I snapped, it honeslty didnt even phase her growth for more then 2 days( she still grew a lot in those days)

Heres the Blue OG up close tried to get a good shot of this one

Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Pulling up a space age chair for a space age looking grow. Love it!!! Thanks for the invite. Plants look good and healthy for sure. I am following EC and other hydro grows so yours will be fun!


Bob ;)
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Ok Guys coming at ya with a #UPDATE

To start with I'd like to Note my pineapple express has cracked open I will be waiting an additional 12 hours or less to move to rockwool due to cleaning day lol! I can't stress enough to you people trying to grow Auto-Flowering Cannabis to NOT stress your autos in anyway! not transplanting not nothing or you will be lucky to achieve 2 ounces from one, that being said I will Keep everyone informed about how the PE ( pineapple) is doing.

The snapped Chemdog Has fully recovered and is back on growing schedule, she is a bit behind my other chemdog but she should catch up as I've done a Super-Crop on her main shoot. I know one thing I haven't shown you guys is the roots! which are amazing but I dont want everyone to think I have root rot. This is because as a part of my nutrients I add ground seaweed, Sargassum seaweed and wightii seaweed to be specific and as much as I LOVE using it, it makes the water really nasty and stains the roots a bit (not a permanent stain I can spray all the discoloration off). Maybe ill sneak a few more pics with the laptop what do you guys think?

Blue Dream(s)- This morning I've decided to top my (sativa dominant) blue dream because she is starting to stretch on me and the branches have barely lifted off the nodes, My other BD is chugging away she is vary much a indica style grower so I've decided to leave her alone for awhile longer as she is short stout and the branches are coming :)

Super Critical- This plant finally found out she was running a marathon! Her growth per day has started picking up in the past 2 days surpassing my favorite Blue OG, I've decided to instead of Super-cropping LST her to one side. So far she loves it her branches are all coming up, in a few days I will bend here in the other direction and lossen up the stalk a bit ( by that I mean bend it back and forth all over till its not stiff anymore[yes yes not stiff anymore HAHA])

Blue OG- You all will be surprised to know I haven't done a thing to this plant(beside defoliating yesterday) all her branches are crazy tall, growing up to the main top almost. Eventually I will train her but I like what she is doing currently so why break a good thing.

The Dirt girls- Sage N' Sour got super-cropped, Purple train-wreck got FiM'd today mostly because Today I've been explaining FIMing to people who may not fully understand "why" they are doing it. The NL and cheese are playing catchup at the moment.

My Hurc clone is starting to look like a bush! I'm not expecting anything great from the hurc because she was cloned from a dying mother (my friends first grow that ended up a fail) Never the less she might put out some nice tasting bud yes?

Ok I'm going to go ahead and get some pictures for you guys, sorry they will be crappy again but lets take a look shall we?
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Ok well for anyone who is interested and or will be, I Have vary Alkaline water and I know a lot of people have and don't know if they just feed their plant this kind of water they will not grow vary good

All over I hear People saying they add a drop of this GH PH down product and they get like 3-4 PH however for me the PH of the water before adding nutes ( I always test after and adjust) the PH was 10- 9 lol..... NO WONDER IT TASTES SO NASTY!

So for any hydroponic growers I want to stress the fast that changing the PH more then 1.0 at a time will create an unstable reaction so a lot of growers don't know why in there buckets the water is right when they do all their stuff but when they come back in an hour or even less its already back up to a different number and it can take up to an hour to get a stable reading again maybe even more.

My way of countering the matter is pre measuring the water needed for a water exchange 2 days before feeding and I have been able to get a stable 5.7 PH I accept 5.6 and 5.8 because do not play the "PH roller coaster"

I've pretty much figured out how much PH down I need to add to get the results I want So I've been vary lazy with testing the water all day long lol, also I have a PH probe in 1 of the buckets all the time so that gives me an idea of then I need to adjust the water(I also adjust the water back down as it goes up)

Lastly the water is left for a day and then Nutes are mixed up and my girls get happy with water that is 56-59F water temps for a while

Hope everyone has a great day/night, my girls just went to bed, I might be heading in the same direction loL :51:l:Namaste:
Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Are you running off of a very deep well? That sounds like water with a lot of dissolved gas (CO2 i think) in it causing the high reading. I brew as well and had this issue in one location off a deep well. Water left to sit would normalize at a PH of 7 or so after a day. That was the number you were really adjusting against when trying to use acid to change it lower. If you added enough to change from 9 or 10 it would suddenly drop way below after sitting a bit. Never was my strong suit but we figured it out for brewing sake.
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Re: M1's Multi Strain 1500W DWC/Soil Grow (Lots of resourses)

Honestly not sure, Don't seem to be much of a problem or it hasn't yet but I have let it sit for weeks and it don't change ;)

What I meant by unstable is if you lower the PH to fast it will actually Go up in PH (go up from whatever your initial reading was)

All my water is R/O as well comes out at 2 PPMs so I think I'm set with water as long as my girls get the right nutes.

Thanks for the response! talk to everyone in the AM