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MA: As Was Done With Medical Marijuana, Question 4 Foes Are Defying Voters' Will

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Katelyn Baker

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It's time for opponents of legalization to stop campaigning against the new law to tax and regulate marijuana ("Ways to salvage marijuana law," Shirley Leung, Business, Nov. 16). The voters have spoken, and the state should implement the ballot initiative as written. Repeating the scare tactics and exaggerations that opponents used to attack the initiative does a disservice to residents of the Commonwealth.

This is exactly the behavior we saw after voters passed the medical marijuana question in 2012. As a result, the issue became politicized, the Patrick administration obstructed implementation, and patients continue to suffer unnecessarily. I should know - I'm the founder of the group that brought the medical marijuana initiative to the voters. The dismal state of its implementation is an embarrassment to the Commonwealth. Let's make sure that Question 4 doesn't face the same fate.

All the legitimate issues of concern brought up by opponents, such as controls to prevent accidental exposure to marijuana by youth, can and will be addressed through sensible regulations that have yet to be drafted. Leung, along with opponents in the Legislature, should take a deep breath and let the state implement the law before trying to fix problems that don't exist.

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