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MA: Boston Goes To Pot Via Lowell

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Boston - About two years ago, Father Joe Quinn became one of about 100 people in the world to be diagnosed with a rare incurable condition that he said left him with the possibility of "saying goodbye to life."

Unable to take narcotics, the Franciscan friar was in "excruciating pain" until he found a medicine that he said helps him cope with the pain and lead a productive life in the face of his diagnosis.

On Wednesday, Quinn celebrated that he will now be able to get that medicine just two blocks from his church, Saint Anthony's Shrine in the Downtown Crossing district.

"This is a blessing," Quinn said as he joined company executives and patient advocates at the grand opening of the first medical marijuana dispensary in the city of Boston. "Medical marijuana has dramatically changed and helped my life and the quality of it."

Run out of an old bank building by Patriot Care Corp., the dispensary will provide marijuana grown at a facility in Lowell to patients who hold medical marijuana cards. The dispensary is situated near the busy Washington Street corridor next to a Post Office and the Old South Meeting House, where colonial revolutionaries organized the Boston Tea Party.

"Our goal was to provide (patients) with a highly accessible location and all the T lines stop within a few blocks of here, a dozen bus lines stop nearby," Patriot Care CEO Bob Mayerson said. "The location itself is meant to be very warm and comforting and inviting."

From the street, the dispensary is unassuming.

Once inside, patients will be greeted by a security guard who will check that they have an active medical marijuana patient card. The patient then must check in with a receptionist.
Once verified, the patient is let into a bright waiting room reminiscent of a clinic or medical office. From there, a salesperson escorts the patient into the dispensary, a large brightly-lit room with a point-of-sale counter and display cases.

The Milk Street facility will join existing dispensaries in Salem, Ayer, Brockton, Brookline, Northampton and Lowell.

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