MA: Norwell Mulls Moratorium On Recreational Pot Sales

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Norwell's selectmen are considering asking the May Town Meeting to impose a local, year-long moratorium on the sale of marijuana for recreational use.

The board has until mid-February to make a decision, according to Town Administrator Peter Morin.

Massachusetts voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana in November 2016, but the Legislature delayed the legal sale of the drug until July 2018. Numerous communities are considering a moratorium on pot shops until state regulations are in place.

In their discussion of the issue, Norwell selectmen noted that voters in town rejected legalization of recreational marijuana by a 3,636 to 3,035 margin.

"Voters in Norwell did not support the recreational marijuana ballot question, so the board is looking at the town's options under the new law to limit sales," Morin said.

"The moratorium will prevent the town from having to make decisions on recreational sales prior to the full development of state regulations and for the voters to consider whether they wish to ban recreational sales."

Norwell voters endorsed the use of medical marijuana, however, and Morin said plans are proceeding at the state level for a medical marijuana facility to open in town.


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