MA: Voters Reject Ban On Recreational Marijuana Sales

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Marshfield voters at a special Town Meeting have rejected a ban on recreational marijuana facilities in their town.

Acting town clerk Narice A. Casper said though most voters at the Oct. 16 session were in favor of the ban, the proposal failed to reach the necessary two-thirds majority with the 144-99 vote.

Recreational marijuana testing facilities, cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, "and any other type of licensed marijuana-related business" would have been banned under the proposed zoning amendment.

The Board of Selectmen, which had supported the ban, will decide how and if they want to continue to pursue it, Casper said.

Marshfield, with nearly 26,000 residents, voted against legalization of recreational marijuana in the 2016 election by a margin of fewer than 200 votes, with 7,947 votes against legalization and 7,774 in favor.

Medical marijuana facilities are permitted in Marshfield's industrial zone, though none have opened there.

All other items on the special Town Meeting warrant passed, Casper said.

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