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MacGyver's Second Indoor 200W CFL Grow


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This is what I've got going so far on my tent. I'm pretty much ready for growing. I have my hot air exhaust pumping out the through the wall and through a vent outside. I'm just waiting for the seeds...Puffin' on chronic and waiting patiently.

I will be growing 4 plants at a time fem seeds...not sure of the strains yet? I'll be on a veg light for 3 weeks at 20/4 and then switch to 12/12 for the 70 or so days for flowering...
Same set-up as last grow as far as the nutes and soil go.
BabyBio for Herbs for sprout.
CannaTerraVega for veg stage.
CannaTerraFlores for flower stage.
Sterilized soil based compost mixed with sand and coco fibre.
1x200W 6400K 14,300 lumen for veg.
1x200W 2700K 14,300 lumen for flower.

Any suggestions for this grow are very welcome...especially since I have no seeds yet I may be able to utilize some ideas...
Here's some pics of my set-up...
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