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I'm basically at 5-6 weeks of flowering three plants. I'm currently having an issue and seeking advice. I have leaves curling up on two plants that are 6 weeks into flower (white widow?)

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BTW, here was my old link if you wanted to see some pics in the thread 420 Magazine ®.

I also troubleshot what my issue was bringing in a third party. GLOBAL WARMING!!! joking...definitely too hot. I rigged up a thermometer under the light at 20" and now run at 85". Light is at 20" above Canopy now. Before it was at 12". My room temperature sits next to my ballast which was throwing me off. No wonder I was sweating up a storm. Trimmed up the burnt leaves. Nutrients still at 900ppm @ 5.7 PH in all reservoirs. Will bump back up to 1200-1300 after a couple days to recover. Also misted heavily with water (don't worry, everything dissipates in about 5 minutes, good airflow).


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Updates (6 weeks mid-week flowering)...Pitched my PK#4 plant in my veg room. I'm now down to 3 plants that have to make it another 3 weeks. Time to start tying them down. I cranked this bad girl back up to 1200-1300ppm @ 5.9PH.

In the mean time, check out my BUG CANDY DEATH TRAP (check out the dead nat stuck) . This is pictures from my Sativa growing. Check on the TRICHOMES, just loaded....puts the indicas to shame, no where near the bud size, but amazing amounts of Trichomes...simply bursting out everything.




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End results. For having F*cked up plants for last 2-3 weeks of flowering I don't think I did too shabby. Buds on two plants definitely lacked size.

Here are the dry weight results, not bad for 3 plants.

Total Weight
• PK 1 & 3 = 7oz
• PK 2 = 4 oz






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