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Made some oil


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Might be hard for anyone to answer but I'm just seeking thoughts and opinions, so thanks in advance.

I decarb'd 26 grams of cb dream bud (advertised at 6%/6% cbd/THC)

I made 2 batches both with mct coconut oil.

First batch I used 180ml oil with 13gr bud.

Second batch I used 120ml with 13gr bud.

After doing its thing in a sealed jar in a double boiler for hours and filtering thru cheesecloth I ended up with,

1st batch = 100ml oil
2nd batch = 50ml oil

( probably could have squeezed more out of the cloth).

Do I have any idea what I'm working with in terms of potency based off the quantities and advertised specs on the plant?


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The maximum would be:
0.06 * 13gm = 0.78gm (total advertised THC)
180gm * 0.95 = 171ml (volume * specific gravity = weight of coconut oil)
0.78gm / (171ml + 0.78ml) = 0.0045 gm/ml = 4.5mg/mg (SG of oil is close to 1)

The first batch has a maximum potency of 4.5mg/ml THC & CBD. The maximum potency of the second batch can be similarily determined.

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Do you realize that you've 'lost' 44% of the cannabinoids in the first batch by making it this way?
(180 - 100) / 180 = 0.44

The second batch is even worse at a 58% loss:
(120 - 50) / 120 = 0.58

The final numbers are probably worse, as not all of the cannabinoids will have been trapped in the coconut oil. At this point I can't say if using a solvent or rosin press for extraction gives any better results. I have a Cannabinoid test kit coming, so I'll be able to check the results from my rosin press.

I'd be trying to squeeze all the oil I could out of the remaining pulp. I don't think cheesecloth would do it for you. A nylon 50 to 90 micron filter bag would let you squeeze more of the oil out while retaining the pulp.
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