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Hello 420 Fam,
It has been a long time since I have been on here, so let's catch up. I am a disabled veteran, college student, and father of four. We all live in a 900sf 3br house with my mother, our two dogs, and one cat. Due mainly to poor credit decisions while I was in the Army, but kids gotta eat.
I started out with a single dwc in a closet with a 2ft 4 bulb t5. From there i moved to a pop-up ice fishing shanty, and a 400w light. I upgraded to a half-assed perpetual grow with a 1000w hps for flower, the 400w mh, and my t5 for clones. Veg and flower in autopots with a layer of perlite, and my living organic soil that has been recycled for years with better results every time. All went well for a couple years, until it almost started a fire. I am in the process of preparing to make a new room with new outlets from a subpanel. I keep running into financial problems, and the process has been very slow. I have a small room in my basement that I have been cleaning a little bit at a time until my back acts up. The room has bullshit from floor to ceiling, but will end up being a much better space. I wish I could afford new lights, and run the 630cmh lights for veg and flower, but maybe someday after college. For now I will be using the same lights, and sectioning off an area for flower. Other than the lights, soil, and auto pots I will be starting over. Hopefully I will have enough room, and light to veg a few for the garden and all of my veggie seedlings.
Any ideas for the most efficient way to create the best environment without much expense would be greatly appreciated.
Check out some of my previous grows on Instagram @smokiemcgreenthumb
If anyone feels like contributing to my cause please contact me.


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:cool: I am also thinking about building an enclosed area outdoors out of pallets since I have access to plenty for free.

:cool: I have friends who will give me some large teens once I am ready. Some are my buddies blueberry headband that he doesn't share, but they taste amazing and yield great for him.


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Almost done cleaning out the new space, and tearing down the old grow
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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