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The tannins are all getting balanced with curing, especially the OGR and Granny. I have to say the Granny is fruity sweet, smooth, and stony. I'm stoned after a smoke of the Granny. I don't feel lethargic at all though. Just very content without a foggy head. The Kushit I have yet to try. Had I allowed more space for the Granny Derkle, it would have produced more I think. I had one plant mature later than the other two and it's still hanging. Nice, bigger buds on that one. A couple more days and it can be manicured and jarred for curing. I'm using quarts, half gallons, 1 gallons, and a 2.5 gallon for longer buds that may be too pretty to piece out. I'll get some more pics up as I progress. I've never seen hairs so long on buds before shown by this GD strain. Looking at the buds is like looking into the fog with fine crystals dispersed all over the leaves. It grew like a Sativa too. Because of the extension of trichomes all over the leaf, I don't want to trim too much off. The GD was a time consuming trim, whereas the OGR and Kushit were very simple. I hope everyone had a great harvest this year.


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Here are some curing jars and a few GD buds. I've received positive feedback. Comments like "smooth, wonderful tasting, and powerful" have been used for all three strains. I'm pleased that I didn't screw up this second season despite earlier concerns.
Halves, one gallons, and a 2.5 gallon

Quarts and a few buds


Some folks may say,"Hey! You need to trim those buds more!" If they knew what a fine coating of trichomes extended all over the leaves, they wouldn't have over trimmed it either.

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It was my pleasure, Truth Seeker. I have been supplying a good friend of mine with very aggressive cancer. He claims the Granny Derkle is euphoric, but very relaxing, good for nausea and pain. Being it is a 80% Indica & 20% Sativa with plenty of THC and tested up to 12.8% CBD, I think it is a great all around strain from the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. My clarity of thought is not interrupted by the effects of this strain, yet it is good for meditating, relaxing to good music. Unfortunately I don't see it being offered this year. Maybe next year. I gave it a strain review, but am not sure if I did reviews on the other two. I am growing the other two (OG Ringo and Kushit) again this year. Be safe, be healthy, and avoid the system. It sucks.


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