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Well now, here we are again Brixxers. It’s been quite some time since I’ve created a journal. My last journal can be found and we’ll do some comparisons. The challenge was set a while back for me by me to get this kit working it’s magic spectacularly.

In this journal I’ll be catching you up on a bit of my last grow and my current grow. Things here are a bit on the unorthodox but this will prove that anyone can grow, hands down the best cannabis if you just put in a bit of time and patience and a few other things as well.

So let’s get this rollin a bit. Today is day 2 of flower. Just a quick run down. I’m running a few Mars Hydros (Yup, a bit old school) in a hidden 3x6x5 closet type situation. With a 4 in evac fan with controller connected to an environmental controller. Keeping the grow area between 77-80 Fahrenheit. I wish I would have invested in this specific product long ago. It’s a life saver and and environment saver!! Im waiting on a new humidifier at the moment but that as well is plugged in to a controller to keep the Rh between 46-52.

So I’m growing what some would call F1 crosses. This happened when I pollinated the room last grow. In my last grow I had Seatttle Sour Kush x Primo Verde by frost city. He pollinated the Peyote purple, Meat Breath and Wounded warriors Breath, as well as his female counterparts.

Now, I did intentionally pollinate the room. I wanted seeds to play around with and not have to possibly be wasting my breeders seeds. Also because I can’t take clones, and because I also want to experiment with creating backcrosses and cubing.

To my surprise I’m having a great experience with the seeds that I popped. I’m running the Peyote Purple and Wounded warriors breath crosses. I germainates 10 seeds of ea with 100% germination. I germinated different this time and this will be my forever germination technique. Three days in a moist paper towel and hung up vertically. Absolutely perfect 2.5” tap roots and after planting they popped the surface the next day.

From there on out they shave all been about the same. 1.5 internode spacing, semetrical growth and vigor, 5-7-9 blades fan leaves from the 2 set of true leaves. Only 2 males found of each strain and I’m watching them to see if I want to create an F2. But again I do t have a way to take clones and keep anything not in bloom cycle. As well I don’t want to keep the males to close to ladies this time around. I only want to be able to collect pollen and then pollinate them myself. Ugh, it’ll be a close call to even keep the dudes around. So what to do??

These ladies are all in second run soil. The soil had been cooking for 9 months. It’s absolutely perfect. I had some soil issues with first run but now everything is on track. These girls are extremely healthy and happy. Oh yeah, I am doing as little as possible as well. No trading, topping or anything has been done. I’ve also learned that it is imperative to only mist when foliar feeding and I mean it, just a light mist on all the fans and that is IT.

So I have a total of 18 plants. I have to cull a few but I don’t wanna, but I won’t have the room come mid flower. They are all in 1 gallon pots. On purpose as normally in in 7 or 15s. This time I wanted to have a variety of phenos to compare.

Germination start: Dec 13 2018
Seed to soil date: Dec 18 2018
Seed popped soil date: Dec 19 2018
Veg cycle: 8 weeks 4 days under T8 Florecent
Flower cycle: Under Mars Hydro; 2 128s and 1 48. I could be wrong lol.

Genetics: Frost city’s (SSKx PV)x WWB by Thug Pug Genetics and (SSKxPV)xPP by Ace seeds

Soil: 2nd run 420 soil with 9 month cook in 1gal pots.

Environment: inkBird 308 temp control/ monitor
InkBird 200 humidity control/ monitor
4” evac fan and humidifier

Temps: 77-80
Rh: 46-52


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1st! Damn Mag! Looking great! :high-five:
Good to hear from ya Ween, let’s see if I can get the gang to swing on through this week. Bloom is in full affect

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I’m in! Hello and greetings 7 :3: I’ll be pulling up a chair if that’s cool. Cheers
Awesome, enjoy the show lol
Hi Mag! I’ve seen your posts on IG. Great stuff!
1Bean, thank you thank you. Much appreciated!
Good to see ya journaling again 7.
Hey Neiko, how goes it sir? Glad to be back making the time to detail my HB experience. Glad you’re hear bud!!
Pfffff..... Just love falling into a bean bag.
Right on right on, get comfy!!


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Day 6 of flower- cleaned up the shirts on these ladies and stripped down the two gentlemen to their top hats .

Fed plain RO, not TP. Next feeding is GE+tea.

I also just realized that my dumb ass never flipped on my flower setting on my lights ‍♂♂

Ok let’s see, I’ve removed 4 plants to make room and set aside my two males for breeding a bit later.

I have to say that is is best crop I’ve had to date and they just keeping getting better and better. It’s such a pleasure growing the kit, it’s just better!!!



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Hey Mag! Are you usung the little camera icon to post pics? I don't think so because pics are showing up as attachments instead of embedding them. Looking great! Kit grower for life yo!
Hey bud, I sure wasn’t. Are they just blank for the most part? I’ll try again lol
Hi Mag! I’ve seen your posts on IG. Great stuff!
Glade to have your hear, hope you enjoy the grow.


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