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Anyone else notice a striking similarity between the weed world magazine cover and the far right 420 Magazine cover? :hmmmm:

By the way I love this site to death its really the only site I visit daily :smoke2:


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i gave the rights to weed world to use that photo...
here is the review they did of my book inside that issue...

Weed World Magazine - U.K.
Girls in grow-rooms, girls smoking through chillums, girls showing you their best buds!!! Should be a hit – and lets not forget – Sex sells at the end of the day! Beautifully presented, and in hardback – it’s a must for the coffee-table, and one can see this flying off the shelves! Great tongue-in-cheek gift for the boyfriend… 160 pages of naked girls smoking weed. As well as hundreds of great pictures most pages also have some amazing cannabis facts. This makes the book both educational and great fun.
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