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Magazine Poll: 85% of Grandparents Want to Legalize Marijuana

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ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- It's something very hard for a lot of us to imagine: our grandparents smoking marijuana.

But a new poll finds an overwhelming majority of them support legalizing the drug.

"What we found was an amazing response," said Christine Crosby, CEO of a St. Petersburg company that publishes Grand Magazine, geared toward grandparents.

In their March-April issue, a poll of more than 100 readers found more than 85% back legalizing pot.

"They said absolutely, I mean unequivocally. No hedging their bets, get it legal now," Crosby explained.

One reader wrote "not only should pot be legal, we should encourage marijuana use over alcohol as a recreational substance."

Crosby says the poll reflects Baby Boomers, who grew up as pot became more mainstream, getting older and becoming grandparents.

"The overwhelming commentary was about the money being spent, the billions of dollars to arrest, put in jail, penalize people who are using marijuana, when we have schools, welfare, health issues that are far more important," she said.

The results, though, were much higher than some anticipated.

"Very surprising. I would've thought it would've been the other way around," said Kelly Olson, a St. Petersburg mother.

That may have been true, according to magazine editors, if the same survey was taken 15 years ago.

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I have wanted to tell my mother what I write and do, but...
Her great-grandchildren(many) are maturing; she's quite old.
Her generation was assaulted hard-core with refer-madness propaganda.
I love her, and so leave her in peace.

Lady Leeann

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I so agree with the comment ..... "not only should pot be legal, we should encourage marijuana use over alcohol as a recreational substance."
When my children started in Junior High I told them that when the go to friends party's and there is alcohol and marijuana, to choose to use marijuana over the alcohol. I told them you can only get so high on marijuana and you will always know what is going on around you and what you are doing. But, you can get so drunk you pass out and who knows what will happen to you then. Let alone that you could die from clcohol poisoning. They all have grown and have their own children and I am proud to say that out of the seven of them non of them are alcoholic's! They all say that they will give their children the same advice. Alcohol is addictive where marijuana is not. Yes, when you don't have it you really miss it but, you don't go ballistic.


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I have 3 grandkids and have had "the" talk with the oldest Grandson and will talk with the other 2 when they get older. It's suprising the propaganda he has heard in schools and other enviroments.
I thought our kids or grandkids would grow up in a more enlightened world


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This is so true! I'm a grandmother and YES it should be legal and I agree, it should be taught to be a better thing than alcohol for recreational use! Nobody has ever OD'd on pot. It helps those who do use it to relax and enjoy life - it does not produce hatred like 4 beers can. Most fights and domestic disturbances between couples happen when one is consuming alcohol not POT! I sure that is a proven FACT! Alcohol, pills, coke, meth & heroin KILL. Weed does NOT!!:peace2:


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This is wonderful to hear! I'm not sure my single living grandparent would agree.. However, I have not talked to her yet, but she never really ceases to surprise me! Shes one cool old lady! Unfortunately a good portion of my family is anti-cannabis...

My Step-Mother's mom is 92, and totally cool with it. My step-mom told her I use medically and she told me about a friend of HERS that is a medical grower in Colorado!
Then she went on to smile really big and say "Now don't smoke to much Marijuana!!", totally unexpected! I smiled back and told her I wont.

Now if America would just LISTEN TO THEIR ELDERS and legalize! :)
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