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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer - 420 Product Review


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I think I have now found a new favourite way to "smoke".
The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer.,
it is my first vaporizer from EZVapes.com, one of our trusted sponsors. :)
I have read and heard much about vaporizers lately, but until now I was having a hard time convincing myself to give up the rituals of skinning up that I so much enjoy and that is itself a huge part of my mj pleasure experience. Vaporizers seemed to me to be clumsy, and the portable ones not exactly inconspicuous or easy to use imo.

I received my Magic Flight Launch Box courtesy of Justin at EZVapes.com, one of our trusted sponsors of the site and seemingly a one stop shop for everything vape related...who knew that there was so much.

Magic Flight Launch Box kit contains...

1 Launch Box Vaporizer
2 Rechargeable batteries
2 Battery caps
1 Battery charger
1 Battery case
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Draw stem (use optional)
2 Travel bands (only 1 in pic)
1 Black velvet storage bag
1 Storage tin
1 Set instructions (not shown in pic cos I spilt coffee on it)

This thing is simple but beautifully handmade, super small and definately fitting the category of portable without question. It is surprisingly the most easy thing in the world to use...

Simply slide open the cover to reveal the trench inside...

Fill the trench with the ground herb of your choice, it doesnt need a lot, less than I would put in a joint.... take care to remove any "twiggy bits" and keep the herb in the trench, do not overfill it...

Here I have inserted the draw stem, and you can see the insert for the battery...

Pressing the battery switches an orange light on inside the vape (just visible in pic reflected in draw stem), this lets you know the vape is heating up...

After just 5 seconds the vapor is clearly visible through the lid and waiting to be inhaled :)

After the draw, just tap the Launch Box to shake the herb, press again the battery and toke round two...1 Trench will provide 3-4 good hits, your herb will change color and taste as the good stuff vaporizes, but there is no chance to burn your herbs or "overcook it". There is virtually no escaping tell tale odours, no burns or residue from flames or combustion, it is just so clean and efficient...
I love it, The effect is amazing and for sure something I will definately be researching more of...I have an iolite that needs to be broken in also now, though I dont know how anything can beat the Magic Flight Launch Box...I would say its gonna take some beating to find anything as inconspicuos, portable, fast and easy to use....oh and btw, it comes with a lifetime warranty...It really is a little bit of Magic. It is recommended to get extra batteries, but thats just common sense, and if you order from outside of the US then you will also need a replacement compatible battery charger than the one supplied. It does state on the supplied charger, to visit the lauchbox website for instructions on non US use, however, there are no instructions on the site and sadly they did not respond to my email. (this concludes the complaints section)

However, Justin at EZVapes.com, who supplied the Magic Box, did respond within no time at all to my email, and advised me accordingly. For range of product, quality of service and aftercare EZVapes.com come highly recommended. A+

EZVapes.com have a "12 Months of Magic Flight" contest, and are giving away at least 1 free Magic Flight Box every month.
You can win your own Magic Flight Box from EZVapes.com, by signing up here if you havent already done so...

Vaporizer Coupons - Coupons - EZVapes.com

Goodluck, If you get one you're gonna love it :thumb:
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i've had my MFLB for a little over a month now.... i love it..

i also got the power adapter,,,, and WOW.. haven't used a battery since.. its now my daily driver.. thank you magic-flight


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Got mine today and it is Fin awesome. Never vaped before. I've got some original Haze, nonhybrid....did 3 hits and feels like my hands are disconnected. I'm sold on the first battery. Tastes great, use less pot, no smoke.


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i've had my MFLB for a little over a month now.... i love it..

i also got the power adapter,,,, and WOW.. haven't used a battery since.. its now my daily driver.. thank you magic-flight

Where did u get the power adapter ??


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I would recommend this great little contraption to anyone looking for a nice, small, portable vaporizer. In my opinion, this little marvel packs the most bang for the buck concerning portable vapes. They normally go for around $120 in a head shop, but you can find great deals on them on Ebay. I paid $80 for mine, and got free shipping.

There is only one downside. The batteries are only good for 4-6 hits, depending on how much you like to toke. This is an easy fix, though. Just purchase a few extra batteries to stick in your pocket if you go someplace where you won't have access to a wall plug. Just make sure the caps are the batteries, because they will arc if the positive end comes in contact with metal.




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I just started medicating after years & years away, previous rec user.

I had never vaped before, and I just got my Magic Flight, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I did notice that our Launch boxes have a metal bead on the top which helps to keep the glass in place, and (perhaps as a consequence) didn't ship with rubber bands.

I love the little thing. I love that it's wood, and reminds me of my dugouts from high school.
I love that I'm not smoking, and being exposed to carbon monoxide. I think that it's helping me avoid the cravings for a cigarette, which is great because I've been off the nicotine for over two years.

Like I said, I have only used this one vaporizer, but man, let me throw my opinion in & say, get one!

I picked mine up from vapornation.com, they will price match. I got a great deal.

Happy vaping. :Namaste:


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Got mine awhile back and absolutely love it.

I bought it directly from the manufacture which I highly recommend. They are absolutely exceptional.

There was a problem with the shipping once. They immediately rectified it and bent over backwards to make sure I had what I needed when I needed it. It's that kind of thing that really gives you confidence in a supplier.


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I have one as well. Had it for about a year.

It holds up very well.

In my opinion, the only real reason to buy one is if you want something portable.

After the first hit, it starts to not taste very good. And there's quite a technique to trying to tap it to rotate the herb a bit so that it all vapes evenly.

Like I said, there's only really one reason to get it and that's portability.

I will say this, the customer service of the launch box company is incredible.

Something that I have gotten extremely impressed with is the log vapes. My favorite of these being the E-Nano. This is absolutely incredible. You can get huge milky draws, evenly vaped herb and it's every bit as economical herb wise to use as the launch box. And it only costs a few dollars more but very much worth it. It's like going from a toy to the real deal.

Just my .02


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very good product review! how has your Magic Flight Launch Box held up?

I purchased mine two years ago and have used it steadily since. It is my all time favorite vape product hands down. No noise, no maintenance, no hassles, fits in a tiny pouch it comes in and first in your pocket, it's smaller than a credit card! Great for camping, hiking, walking around the city. Not to mention the screen cleans just by blowing across it and if there's residue left over I burn as much of it off as I can and then brush it out with my finger (I lost the white brush). The only negative I have seen is from not having the rubber nipple over the + on the battery it rests against anything metal that would create a circuit and turns red hot, like keys in your pocket or the metal liner of a ash tray in a car. There was a light at the back of the unit when I got it, it has since burnt out but it's white vapor in a dark chamber so you really don't need the light. Other than that I love it and it's still running strong today.

A big thing I enjoy is that after some use it has this popcorn smell to it even if you have a bowl pack in there and unless someone knows what it is people who have asked literally had no idea what it was until I told them. The batteries even when dead will take a 20min (or less) charge and you can wear that battery down while the other is charging and swap them out. The battery life is what you'd normally expect of a rechargeable but it's long enough for me and a few buddies to burn down a bowl or so and that's all I need :)

The only thing that I would (maybe) change is that the sliding plastic cover is clear and it's the only give away if someone were to see it top down they could see the weed in there. It helps because you can see the weed turning but you can also taste it so I'm thinking I may give it a light, fine grit sanding so it's no longer see-through.
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