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Magical Butter Device Makes Hassle Free CannaButter

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Mr. Butter’s Magical Butter recipe is essential for every connoisseur’s cookbook. Magical Butter can be used instantly, or it can be kept stored in the fridge for months. We like to store ours using Ziploc Twist-n-loc because they are inexpensive and have screw on tops.

Quick Tips

When cooking with herbs it is widely recommended to use a process called Decarboxylation. MagicalButter has a decarb function built into the program sequence. Eliminating the smell and making it easy.

One full butter stick is half a cup. Most recipes for cookies/brownies made from a premix package will require a ½ cup of butter. Minimum recipe is for 4 sticks of butter 2 cups. There is no need to PREMELT the butter with the MB2. You have an MB2 if there is a temperature button and hour buttons. If you have an MB1 PREMELT your butter before pouring into the machine.

With MagicalButter’s commercial grade blender motor, you no longer have to grind your herbs. Simply place them into the machine, and MagicalButter will grind. With MagicalButter you are sure to capture all of your favorite botanical nutrients.

Unlike tradtional methods MagicalButter is specifically engineered to virtually eliminate all smells while in use. Be discreet, so your friends don’t steal your treats.

The patent pending design allows for water vapors to escape while keeping smells in. Slow-cookers trap vapors in, MagicalButter allows them to escape cooking off a lot of earthy flavor. MagicalButter has a nutty flavor, Eat To Treat®.

With MagicalButter’s integrated decarb feature the butter function lasts approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.


  • 5-10 Butter Sticks
  • 1-2 Oz. of your Cannabis Buds/Trim
  • Food Storage Containers
  • Filter supplied with your MagicalButter Device
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of Soy Lecithin per stick*
  • MagicalButter in 3-Steps and a Car Wash

Pour butter into device, add your herb. (add Soy Lecithin)* DO NOT PREGRIND!

Press Temperature button select 160ºF. Now press 2 HOUR (Butter) button. After a short delay device will beep, LED lights turn on. There will be a series of beeps when cycle is complete.

Unplug at wall socket, remove head of device and pour slowly through the filter into your storage container.

Car Wash Clean: Rinse device do not submerge black plastic. Fill half way between min and max line with water. Add dish soap roughly the size of a quarter. Press the Clean Button. The faster you clean the device after using it the better.


Order Your Very Own Magical Butter Device At MagicalButter.com!



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I think I will buy one of these units. It just seems too easy.. I am going to be paranoid about it till I have done it myself..


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I just received my Magic Butter, but I need to know, when I add the MJ, should I remove the seeds and little stems first? I don't know much about this, I've never eaten MJ before. But, due to being OLD, and having COPD, I really need to stop smoking it! It hurts my lungs, and hard to breath. I wish I could afford the "good" stuff (and or find it!). I'll settle for the street stuff, good enough for now, helps with my chronic pain, and sleeping. Besides, living in Jersey really sucks. They "legalized" medical MJ, but Gov Christie has stalled on letting the dispensaries open, all of 2 for the whole state!! Any advice would be truly appreciated, thanks! :thanks: :peace:


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They do make butter making very simple, BUT BEWARE!!! They make is sound so easy, just pour into the strainer bag into containers, what a joke, it comes out like a thin paste, and almost impossible to strain. There is a huge loss because of this. Nobody has an answer to strain this "paste"
We are going back to the slow cooker method and chalking it up to a huge waste of money.
This may be my first post but I respectfully disagree a little bit about the straining process with toolman0114. We both agree that the making of the cannabutter in the MB2 is super easy. Toss in softened butter and toss in the herb. Close it up. Press a couple of buttons and presto! Two hours later you have cannabutter with little aroma entering the room during cooking. The straining of the cannabutter is a little messy and takes a little care and time but the straining bag that the MB folks provide with the machine works fine. Take it slow and squeeze gently and eventually you will get virtually all of your cannabutter through the strainer. Near the end, you can reach into the strainer and grab the lump of green glop and squeeze it by hand to get every drop possible. Sometimes I also have to scrape the bottom of the strainer bag to keep things unclogged and flowing but that's no bid deal. I am sure you could also strain it through cheesecloth and fine screens like I used to do when I was using a double boiler to prepare the butter. Whatever method of preparation you use, enjoy your cannabutter!


We are about to try our MB2 for the first time in just a few days. (gotta get lecithin) We bought our machine at an mmj advocate's lecture. She demonstrated the butter process and it DID look like the strainer process was messy and might be a bit unwieldy for my broken up hands. Still very excited to make the butter and some eventual cookies and brownies.


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Its a good trouble free machine set it and forget it, not sure on every ones straining issues. Works fine in Cali. maybe a different fine mesh strainer would work.. just a Chef's mind at work. Peace all OG


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I'm going to try using kief. Any one know what 1 ounce of trim would be, in grams of kief. I read it was 6 to 1
And I would assume when made from kief, it would be much lighter in color, than made from plants and buds, and such.
It does make some noise when the mixer goes on, and the lights spinning around the cover, are " cool " when you turn off the lights.


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PG? VG? You can adjust the temp,decarb it or just blend it in,just about anything you can use.I use Everclear to make Tincture with.You can also use coconut oil to make salves and skin cremes.


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Just wanted to post that the people at Magical Butter have great customer service. My handle broke and without any problems they sent a new lower to me without any charge and with 3 day shipping.

As for straining I use a wire mesh strainer first then into the one provided I also save the ground herb and use it when cooking so there is no waste, when doing a brownie mix I just add a hunk of it for the butter in the mix and you cant tell the difference
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