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Magical Butter Machine Review


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Hey guys, I'm new to this site but been on riu for a while...

just figured I'd chime in for anyone unsure of getting this and let them know I have used this thing so many times and its amazing!
quality is there, the customer service is great... ive called several times to chat about different recipes. And they have a great warranty but only if you buy direct because i guess there are cheep knockoffs on amazon and ebay...

anyways this thing makes the most potent edibles ive ever had, and its consistant every time. I use 4z sugar leaf trim, to 2.5 cups of coconut oil (you can sub it for butter but it holds thc better and stays fresh longer)

that makes 4 "sticks of butter" that i put in 4oz mason jars.

each mason jar makes 60-80 knock you on your ass edibles! so dose it right or you will make gorilla tranqualizers ha

This is prob the best purchase I've made in years! all of the sudden I'm real popular with my friends too haha


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Not sure if you still come around or not but really liked your review, was curious whenever you may pop in again how well the machine held up as I noticed this post was way back in 2013, or if anyone can help inform me on if they last for a pretty long time or not. Seems like a pretty good quality machine but was just curious to find a bit more personalized response on here than to look up random reviews for the magical butter machine.


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First Post after watching for 3 years. After 11 years of chronic pain and a desire to reduce the poisons docs prescribed and get better pain control I finally bought an MB2e with expectations of setting it and forgetting it, or, I should say "watching it" (do not leave heated high proof alcohol unattended) for an 160f with the 8 hour tincture setting. I wanted to make a tincture for first batch since it seemed "easy". I decarbed the herb at 240f for 30 min with a even herb spread over pizza stone, semi grind for reducing of hot/cold spots. Put two cups Everclear to one oz of Canna-tonic in MB2e, tried it and had no affect. I would be an expensive "lesson" If I had actually learned something from it. I called MB and they suggested more herb and EVClear. Didn't want to throw good money at bad at this point so thought I would also throw this out to the world community for any suggestions. I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Austin at MB for his quick follow up and help. Knowledgable, helpful and a good source for info. Thanks!



Got mine yesterday. Bought it from the butter machine people. Used seven sticks and ounce of good bud. Hope that's enough bud. Going to make some chocolate chip cookies. What do you set the temperature at. Do not want to cook the pot out of the cookies.

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Brand new to Forum. Trying to find a cure for Stage 3 Metastatic Prostate Cancer and came across this site and the Magic Butter Machine. I'm in!


I have been making marijuana infused olive oil. I test by taking a teaspoon prior to going to bed. It guarantees about four hours uninterrupted sleep. Still evaluating somewhat.


Ardent: Decarb fresh picked flower in the Ardent usually two ounces at time. Harvest time where I live.

Magic butter Machine:
Use one or two ounces of the decarbed (Ardent) marijuana. Place in MBM.
Fill with extra virgin olive oil to first mark.
Set temperature to 130F
Set time to 4 hours.

When cool pour out and use. My dose is one teaspoon before bed. I do not strain and see no pressing reason for doing so. The effect manifests itself after about an hour.
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