Magical Mystery Clone Tour

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The Magical Mystery Clone Tour
Is waiting to take you away
Waiting to take you away

I have four clones from eight plants. Due to abject stupidity they kinda got mixed up and now I have no clue which is what. There were eight clones. Some lived, some died, some were culled. The parents are MamaThai Pineapple Chunk and MamaThai ThaiStik from the twisted mind of @Weaselcracker, and the Thaibodian Skunk (BOEL Skunk x JohnnyD) from Golden Coast Genetics. All of these plants were grown from regular seeds. Two of the Thaibodian Skunks were male and one of the MTTS was male. Soooo, there may be a male clone or two, or three. Don't know!

Regardless, the clones were happy to leave the Bubblator Cloneatron 3000 for the spacious confines of the flower tent. Fingers crossed for all females. What's left of the Thaibodian Skunk is finishing on the left. I hope those two bigger clones don't kick my ass.

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I did a complete drain, scrub, and flush with Fox Farms Sledgehammer (30gal), a refill (30Gal), and filled the master reservoir (30gal). 120 gallons! These babies better appreciate my generosity with the H2O. I'm using Flying Skull dry nutes, Flora Extract, and Z7. The mix is sitting at 760ppm Hanna and 5.8pH/68F.


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Prob same old same old, where we tell Rider to flip, he doesn't, and then he complains about the size of the plants and laments that no one told him to flip sooner.
Hmmm, I don't recall anyone telling me to flip sooner. They were more like suggestions. LOL. But no worries this time.
We seen plan B and C last time. D, E and F must come with super powers. He did lube up and slide into that last grow room pretty good.
There had better not be a need for D. I'm fresh out of superpowers. sounds to be interesting......... I'll watch, and see what comments are posted. ;)
@Bonsaiweed, I hope this is just a plain old boring grow. "Nothing to see here folks, move along." :p


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Well if you haven't it's time to flip!
And yeah, I know those middle plants are small. F 'em! They're getting flipped anyway. Produce or die!

No those are good size too flip. The others are too big.... Just so I can say I told you so later! No doubt it's gonna be another great show resorting to plan-X just to keep from having to tear the roof off your shop
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