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magnesium and weak leaves.

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Hi. I would like to confirm that Mg was locked out due to watering with pH of 6. I am adding 2 spoons of Epsom salts to each watering ( twice per week ) and only did it yesterday. I also adjusted the pH to 6.7 with pH ^.
My water is soft and pH 6 from tap from our own underground supply.

Plants are 4 weeks old. soil is light mix ( peat and perlite ) with only small bit of nutrients added.

thanks in advance:peace2:

Yellowing in between veins of leaves.

"Peat and Perlite" is a very acidic mix.

You are going to need to add powdered dolomite lime to that mix, not only to keep the soil pH buffered, but also to supply cal/mag.

I'm running a peat/perlite mix and without the lime, pH is low 5's to high 4's. The lime keeps it 6.5-6.8, right in the sweet spot. Dolomite lime has a pH of 7.0.