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Magnesium deficiency?


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
think i have a little issue going on here , started to notice copper coloured spots

my plants are indoor/ outdoor
coco and compost
Strain greenhouse cheese from green house
unsure of ph as i bought testers that dont work ( have one coming in next day or two )
had few bugs on plants so i sprayed with home made pesticide ( used it before with no problems ) plants were fed seaweed and molasses

got empsoms salt , did foliar spray last night

advice please and thank you:thumb:

im also thinking Calcium Deficiency



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PH really needs to checked first.
Unless I know your PH I won't know what your deficiencies are, what's causing them, etc..

If your PH is too low or too high, Ca and Mg could be present in the soil, but the plant is unable to use them. Then by adding nutrients, you can create a situation where you have too many nutes which can cause nute burn, lock out other nutes, etc..

It's not worth the additional headaches that can potentially be created by guessing the solution to the problem.
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