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Magnus Growing Chemdawg Using Remo Nutes


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A lot of us actually, I can help you or I’m sure @Rich Farmer will help you along the way.
Ok. Great! When I'm finally ready I will contact you about it. I need to put a few things in place first. Like get my life in order for one thing...


All my best,


It’s simple just a few concepts to understand. Start with a clear goal in mind. Maybe the terps from one strain and the structure from another strain. Once you make your cross run several offspring and keep the plants that fit your ideal and shitcan the rest. Then cross your keepers to continue searching for the plant you want.


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It’s simple just a few concepts to understand. Start with a clear goal in mind. Maybe the terps from one strain and the structure from another strain. Once you make your cross run several offspring and keep the plants that fit your ideal and shitcan the rest. Then cross your keepers to continue searching for the plant you want.
That sounds like fun to me. I know not everyone would be interested but it sure excites me.

Gotta have something to excite me at my age... :rolleyes::yahoo:




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Hi all.

Been a busy little beaver today. Today was the day I've been planning on getting my planters ready for the summer!

Now previous to this I had cleaned them out, tossing most of the organic crap that doesnt help the soil aerate nor add fibre to the soil. So that meant any branches, weeds and other crap got heaved. I left dome of the leaves plus the roots from plants gone before becsuse they both add good fiber to the soil. At least that's how I see it and it has worked for me before.

So let's take a look at what I've put into the soil as amendments.


About half a cup per planter.


About half a cup per planter.


About ¾ tablespoon per planter.


A out half a cup per planter.


About ¾ of a tablespoon per planter.


I dunno. About 3 or so cups per planter. I tend to eyeball this one. The pellets act as a slow release of alfalfa for the plant.


5 heaping cups per planter. You can really add a lot because basically this is just worm compost like any other rich compost. The soil can handle s lot of worm castings and it conditions hard, dry soil too.

So let's take a look at one planter to see all the goodies on top before I turn over the soil...


Ok. This is a typical planter of mine. Filled originally 3 years ago with soil from my garden combined with liberal amounts of bovine manure that I got from a farmer friend down the road. I still have yet to pick up any manure this year but I think I'm going to get goat manure and try it out. I have another acqusintance/friend who raises goats and he is only a mile away. I want to try his manure because he says he has a pile of 3 year old goat manure that I can have. Hey! You never know how well something will work until you try it - right?

So clearly i have no manure in my pots yet but still have yo do so. I will probably put down 3 to 4 inches of manure per pot yes, the soil needs to be conditioned that badly.

But even without conditioning the soil with manure my plants have always grown beautifully. Ask Shed if I'm lying. This year, though, I'm not growing for gargantuan marijuana trees that, ultimately, never mature because i dont cover them in time.

This year I'm shooting to begin covering my plants on the last day of the first week in July. If i keep to this schedule then my photos should be done by first or second week in September - perfect timing for this climate. If i begin covering them any later then i dont have time to finish them off.

And one thing to note about growing outside in my region...your weed always has seeds in it. I used to think it was because someone nearby was growing weed outside too but wasnt culling his males in time and so pollen was escaping everywhere. But someone recently told me the reason my crop was riddled with seeds was because of all the hempy grown in this part of the country which would be pollinating all my flowers. I don't know if this is true but it seems plausible to me. Regardless, my weed always has seeds in it.

Now let's talk about seedy weedy for a moment. Everyone always claims that the seed production depletes the thc in your final crop, thereby suggesting that if you grow weed with seeds it will be absolute shit to smoke and will only barely get you high.

But I remember, when I was a kid and first was buying my own weed...that it ALWAYS had seeds in it and they never seemed to compromise the quality of your weed you had bought. In fact, it was always fun to get a bag seed and think about growing it. Never did it cross our minds back then that the seeds were diminishing the quality of the weed. Really, we didnt even think about it.

Fast forward 40 some odd years into the future and it seems that there is such anxiety about our plants growing seeds along wighmmth some go


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Sounds like your planters are almost there. Back in the day I tossed a fortune in seeds!

Why are we so averse now to finding seedy weed?

I dont get it.ive got this friend, the one I got the clones from - who insists my weed will be complete shit just because of the seeds. Hardly...



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And do you find the flowers to be especially weak? I would think not but I'm hoping you will confirm what I am arguing here...
I’ve made a lot of seeds and I always vape the flowers.


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Yea they will, you can smoke flowers to.
Perfect. That's why I chose seeds with high number potential.

Hey, what happens to a clone which may not have its root system intact if you overwater it?

When I arrived at my Buddy's yesterday to pick up the clones that are not doing well from him I noticed he had to dump about an inch of water out of the bottom of the plastic totes he had them stored in in order to ready them for transport. Now it is POSSIBLE he was trying to bottom feed them but I dont think so. The tops of their soil was soaking wet, not something I've gotten from bottom feeding any plant.

So I'm thinking... if buddy has been overwatering them from the beginning then maybe that is partly why they are in the piss poor shape they are in.

Your thoughts?

I dunno. Maybe if they werent rooting well that Buddy thought that extra water would do them good. I dunno...

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

All my best,


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If he was over watering it’s a wonder they didn’t die. You want the soil moist but never wet. Too much water and they don’t have to grow roots.
I think that's what he was doing then and that's why they are in the shape they are in.


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Good morning.

It's a bright, windy day here in Central Alberta - perfect for putting the plants outside. I'll be doing that straight away.

But I wanted to show you all my plants.

Those ones damaged by the nutes problem have mostly swung back into life. I think moving the lights further away was a big help.

My runt is getting tossed later today. She just isnt bouncing back quickly enough.

But it's the clones I received the other day that interest me the most. Those bubba kush ones? They seem to be really picking up some speed. It is though the last two days for them they've really grasped onto the idea of thrive... well, they are not really thriving yet but they sure do look to be doing better to me.

I'm not so worried about my runt dying as I will just replace her spot outside with a bubba kush. That'll keep me happy.

So let's take a look at the plants, shall we?


These are my smallest clones. Can you see the difference from the first day they arrived?


This is my 2nd batch of clones...


And this is my third where you can really see how they've improved. Now onto my other plants...


Yep. This one is doing great.


This one is just okay. She's still hanging onto some dying leaves but she's got some good new growth too.


This one is similar to the one above.


This one is doing great too.


And as you can see, this one is doing fine as well.

I just had a thought. Since the Chemdawgs are doing so well I might continue to grow them inside my tent and just grow the Bubba Kushes outside. Hmmmm. Now there's a thought...

I plan on getting another light very soon for my tent.

Hey, can you still run an LED that has a fan on it upside down? I'm thinking my current LED might provide some great under canopy lighting. I'll have to check with my light expert to ask his opinion too.

But if I could get that 2000w LED I'm looking at then I'd have great lighting overhead and great lighting beneath all those damned fan leaves.

Whaddya ya all think?

All my best,
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