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Magnus Growing Chemdawg Using Remo Nutes


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So I checked on the specs for those seeds and they supposedly give up to 450 g/m² whereas inside they give up yo 200 g/m². Finally an auto I found that produces more outside compared to inside. Usually it is the other way around.

The strain is SOLOMATIC from CBD Depot. It's a CBD plant that reaches up to 21+% cbd. That's a painkiller I could get my eye teeth into.

Ready in 50 - 60 days, though according to Penny we might be looking at a shorter time frame rather than a long time frame. Sweet!

THC level is only about 1% and she should taste reminiscent of citrus, pine and sweet.

As long as I can make oils and edibles out of her I'll be happy!

:yahoo: :blunt::drool:


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If you’re not legal then let it go.
I am legal. Completely legal. The problem started 52 years ago when I wasnt born into this community and exacerbated when I then had the audacity to move into this community. Trust me. It's like that.

But when I began growing huge marijuana plants in my yard that you could see from the road, well, you would have thought I had opened the doors of all the neighboring farmers' chicken coops inviting in by the coyotes in to feed! Christ! Were they ever in an uproar!

My neighbor from across the road whose dog it was a totally drove into my long driveway, stormed out of his truck and demanded I tell him what kind of plants I was growing in my side garden - as if he didnt already know - with his fist raised and shaking at me. It was quite something how irate he was over something that didnt concern him one bit.

So I didnt grow last year and things kinda quieted a bit. But this year, my last summer out here, I will be growing again.

Not photos this time so I wont have gargantuan trees like usual. But autos. Something I'm only just now learning what they're all about. I've grown one freebie seed before but had no idea how to do it. I mean I even transplanted the thing a few days after it had reached flower. I really didnt know what I was doing. I remember liking the smoke very much, though.

So I'm going to ask the mods that be to change the name of this journal now that all the Chemdawgs have all died. Damn! I was looking forward to that bud! But anyway, I'll think of a new name come one moment of inspiration.

Until then, cheerio everybody!



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Hope you end up with a nice harvest.
Thanks, Penny. I hope it works out, too.

I think, once I move into a new place and have received money so that I can outfit my tent better then I will open up a perpetual grow journal. Just have some place to really get down and dirty into grow techniques and such. And I'm thinking that I might, until I can get another tent to split my vegging and flowering activities that i might grow autos until then. That's right...autos. i mean some people swear by them. What i dont like about autos is your inability to clone them. From what i understand they dont clone well at all. That's a bummer. But I may foray into that region of weed production - especially if I like this Solomatic cbd strain.

But if i do go into tent growing i think I'm going to stick with an earthen super soil recipe anyways. I like the idea of sn organic grow. I'm probably not going to be that good at mixing up soecial teasxand mixes going for them but I'm pretty good at working with super soil. What i like most is that the soil itself acts as a pH buffer but if you add lime to the mix that now really acts as a pH buffer. No more adjusting pH! I hate that job...

So I'm going to run to town tomorrow to agsin check the mail for my CBD Solomatic seeds. If they are there i will surely tell you all. I will be dropping sll 12 of those seeds into water right away to see how many seeds will germinate.

But anyways, that's all to report at this time. Ciao for niao.



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So I'm going to close down this thread since all the Chemdawgs are dead. None of them survived the canine attack from the other day. But two of the little Bubba Kush clones did survive so I've begun another journal investigating their travels and the Somolescence seeds whenever they come.

You can find the new journal below. And if anyone can direct me on how to close up a journal I'd appreciate it very much.

All my best,
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