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I just bought 1 litre of apricot seed oil, 1 litre of pumpkin seed oil and 1 litre of Neem oil. I'm going to make to make some pain cream but I'm also going to see if I can create a mosquito repellent with the Neem oil and some essential oils like citronella.

I bought it from the supplier that Magnus didn't recommend because the one he did recommend was sold out of Neem oil and the shipping was a little cheaper at Saffire, too.
Hi HG,

Well, I hope that berm oil doesn’t become a people repellant for you, too. The stuff stinks! I don’t know how well the scent will work in a topical for you with the essential oils. When I make dog soap I use quite a bit of been oil and citronella both in my concoction - so you’re on the right track!

Check back in and let us know how that berm oil works out. It hardens when it gets a bit cool so don’t worry if that happens. It’s still good. Also is one of the primary ingredients in a homage safe and non toxic pest murderer. Kills spider mites like there’s no tomorrow. And kills ticks and fleas lickety split. Good stuff. I’m not sure if it will function as a repellant. In my soap making experience it kills and maybe wards off fleas and ticks, but it’s really the citronella oil that wards off evil mosquitoes as well as fleas and ticks.

I’m sorry for rambling.

All my best,
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