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Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy


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'Cuz I gota safe house :)

Sorry fellas,
but my cam is connected here and you'll only see finished , 'er about be to be finished Pics.

My farm consist(all dirt, off the shelf)
of 2 veg areas
(1 for Momas and one for babies) 4 feet long and as wide as the shop lights and a flower area 18 feet long and 6-7 feet wide, with 400w, 160w and 100w HPS.
I run a perpetual grow that looks like a jungle of weed.
harvest at least 1 plant a wk., most on a finish cycle of 60-65 dys.
VirginClones 4 inches to CulledMomas 3 feet, it's a hell of a veiw.

When Thangs are running right,
1-2.5z per plant off the short ones.
Not so right, happy to get a quarter.

This last few months have really sucked.
Spider mites and high fall/winter temps,
not to mention beat dirt , dead tudes and low funds.

I'll post my Operations guide when I get it all spiffy ;-)

I started with some Skunk #1 from Gypsy
and some Super Blue Mix from Blue Grass Seeds:
"Super Mix: (Assortment of BGS Strains)
Mix contains:
Sudden Impact
White Mr Nice
Blue Jamaican
Saturday night
Dream Weaver
Then mixed with Northern Ky BagWeed

Topshelf Mids I recon'
See how we do at the 6th Annual Ohio Valley Reefer Rumble,
a Hemp, Marijuana, Weed, Pot, Cannabis, Ganja, HempRock has it all! Welcome to HempRock! production :)
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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

Mago's Blue Grass:
Current Moma

clone,1 month old, ready for the flower Farm

The Jungle aka The Flower Farm
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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

Thanks guys :)

Yeah they get wild lookin',
that mom is goin' on 12-13 months now.
She'll get trimmed down good as soon as the nursery clears out a bit.
Got backed up 'cuz everybody wants clones
and they seem to forget where they put the order in.
I may have shot myself in foot by explaining temp drops in dark cycle to 'em.
All these Boyz start from seed and I have noticed some of the ealry crops just ain't as good as some of the later crops.
Some never even look at the Trichs, just whack 'em when they look good.

But Man did they pay attention when I mention the possility of a crop a month to hard freeze.


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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

looks good!! glad to know I'm not the only supportin big ass blue buckets, lmao. But hey man, good luck with it all though, doesn't appear you'll be needing it though.


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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

They are cheap, 2$ at the Dollar store
and give ya' plenty plant with limited height with 3gallons.
Just have to drill the drain holes.
Not just blue, black and white too. :)

I still need it, Luck,
damn spider mites
and the weather ain't helpin' much either.
Up to 70 the last week , 80 this week and they friggin' exploded on some of the Virgins on the flower farm.
I isolated them and sprayed with just hot pepper juice and water,
about 1/3 juice to 2/3 water .
Didn't seem to bother them, I'll use tobacco also from now on.
Can't use Neem since it would screw up my harvest schedule,
at least 2 weeks after sprayin' before ya' should harvest.
Can use it in my veg, which is clear.
They are in the last bit of old dirt I used.
Knew I should have dumped it.

Luckly my main strain seems very spider mite resistant.
and it's about Summer ShutDown and Clean Up time.

Which has always made me wonder if the effects of enviroment which cause the plant to go into defensive mode are passed to the genes of the offspring faster than any other plant?
or Is it just my wishful thinking again? (smrk)


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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

sorry to hear it mago,
dam bugs. figures they go after the flowers blaaaah

ive got some of this Dr Earths Fruit and Vegatable insect spray
(100% organic)
its got uhhh.....

rosemary oil, .40%
cinnamon oil, .30%
clove oil, .30%
garlic extract, .30%
water, coconut oil, mineral oil, wintergreen oil, safflower oil and molasses.

it kills the hell out of mites,
and burns the living *%$# out of your plants too.
and then the very strong smell of clove and cinnamon lasts about 5 days =(

im actually scared to use it anymore just sayin..


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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

I been usin' dish washin' liquid dulted with water,
thought I was usin' full strength
But those are 3 gallon buckets not 1 gal.
My mix is 3.33 tbls. per gallon and
seems to have knocked them down for the moment (almost a week now).

Was so focused on the Dish liquid to water ratio I overlooked the vegtable oil part of the mix, next batch.

Whacked a couple 2 days after they were spayed down
and found no residual taste or smell(it was green apple dish liq.)
Good thing they were the BW11(bag weed number 11) that didn't do well indoors. Killer weed just didn't like my setup I recon', yeild was very low.

BlueBerry clone I adpoted,
turns out to be a BlueBerry x MoonShine.
Never heard of it but the Locals have.
Didn't do well indoors either so we'll be cloning for July and on, to set outdoors.


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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

dish washin' liquid and water worked great.
Had a few pop up 4 weeks later but
since LEO has been watchin' me
and the NewbieDealer down below,
summer shut down came early.

All cleaned up and waitin' for winter peppers when I got an offer to move home to Texas and work on a 5000 acre farm my "adopted sister" and husband work. Seems her son would rather be a model and Raulph Laren called him in for an interveiw.
I'd rather drive a new tractor, he buys a new one every year,
than what I'm doin' now.

back to LEO,
knew somethin' was up when dogs to the south and north of me were barkin' all night non-stop. Few days later a neighbor told me a detective was around askin' about me and the other neighbor. Nothin' goin' on at my place but She was runnin' hard 24 hours a day. Very heavy traffic. Passed the word for her to slow her roll. I know her Daddy.
Week after that somebody threw a rock through my front window. I had crashed early and woke up to a noise about 2-2:30am. Next mornin' havin' coffee and bongs I rolled my chair back and went through a pile of glass, WTF!!!
We figure they were tryin' to clone my New cell and had to wake me up to anwser it. Oh well, better luck next time DipShi!$.
Then just a day or 2 ago, a Known Undercover tried to get behind one of the Boyz as he was leavin' my place. But Sargent Major has been to this rodeo before, he(leo) was unable to get behind him since he was now made and bein' parrelleled and tailed :)
Ain't no fun if you don't get to mess with 'em (smrk)

Sure wish I had had time for a seed crop. Oh well :)
Live to Fight another Day :3:


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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

Oh yeah ...
You have, saved my Life with fresh Amoxicilian just last week.

Sounds like it's time to send another one home with ya'
hmmm, how about a Flowerin' One that needs a few weeks yet?
3 footer ready for flower?
How about one a month till sept.or Oct. and we'll see which batch is best when we're all done.
I'm bettin on anything sent out after Sept.
About time for Moma to be made into all babies and clean that area up.
She's lookin' real rough,
done wilted on me at least 3 times, lack of water and high heat.
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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

Moma is gone, she made nice Babies,
Babies released into the wild
and we're all cleaned up.
A few more crumbs and seeds to cleanup/vacuum
and we're ready to fight.

Ready to bring the tomatoes and peppers in once winter comes ...
was sorta short last year, seems we only had a couple real cold months.

I'll freelance But I ain't cheap, will barter ...
for sex and/or bandwidth.

Anybody ever try clonin' tomatoes or peppers?
Roses I've done.


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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

One of my ex-FarmHands showed up with her kids this weekend.
In fact it's Crazy Baby's Birthday .. today.
So had to put the bong away and had time to go over some of my stuff.
After a bit of polish:

My breeding program goal is an Indoor strain, short and stout with max yield.

I started with several strains and continue to grow out Kentucky Green Bud bagweed regs to mids grade.
I’ve used these,
which also seem to be very spider mite resistant, a trait I prefer for indoors,
as my basic strains to breed up with and
my search/breeding continues for a Med quality strain breed and raised in Kentucky.
If ya’ got one let me know, I ain’t hard to find.

Who ever said the Kentucky hemp strains were lost,
must have only meant the no THC producing genes.
Cuz’ buba, the good marijuana/marihuana still thrives year to year.
Hits the street around Nov. through May with the good 6 month cure,
depending on the weather, early stuff is My Regs grade,
the later the better, as the nights cool,
da’ stuff borders on Meds.

I also few buying weed as purchasing seed.
The more seed the Better, more likely it’s not BSgenes,
Somebody let get loose or threw into the wild in order to protect Their strains while building buzz..
If I pay 40 to 60$ an eight and I get a dozen , I just got feed weed. I get 2 dozen or more seeds and I made money on the deal.
‘Cuz that’s what you’ll pay if you order seed. 30-100$ for 10-12 seeds.

The other side comes from Blue Grass Seeds Super Blue Mix and Nirvana Skunk 1.
My first few 100 crops were clones from the BG mix, the male were killed, fastest way to get up to production.
The skunk produced the male that was used. Then there were a 10 – 20 seed crops including some hermie stressed seed crops for femmed seed for strictly retail. Not to mention I just had to test out the Hermie stressed Femming method. It works, in fact I saw very few hermies or males. Maybe –10%.
Not sure what percentage of those were actual hermie and/or males, balls show, they were gone.

Yeah, I raise some bastard stuff and proud of it.
It’s a HillBilly/RedNeck thang, being proud of bastards.

The Blue Grass was a mix of seed and I have no idea, which of 5 possible strains I ended up with, they all looked good. AnyBody knows how to get in contact with them (Blue Grass seeds) let me know.
I did get seed from what I had and the Offspring are much better than the second generation of the BlueGrassSuper mix.
The Skunk #1 because I wanted the high sativa to handle high temps, so he was allowed free range.

What I have produced,
or should I say narrowed down to, is one out of about 8 strains(geno/phenoTypes).
Is what I call Mago’s Blue Grass, MBG for short

By the Time I get to top quality,
it may have been land raced at least twice
and ready for outdoor too, since that’s the Mark of a True Kentucky Blue Grass

Free the Weed, Save the World

Ron Paul in 2008, even if I have to Write Him In!
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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

When you get your MBG up and ready, maybe we could meet up in Amsterdam? I was thinking of going for a visit next year.
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Re: Mago Farms, nope I ain't shy :)

I might have to get my girl and roll on over too. Would be awesome to meet and smoke w/ you both! For now though its just a dream, to expensive! We plan on visiting for sure next year in april or even late march. Will you be in?
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