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Mago: Texas style


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My 100% Sativa bagweed and
MBG femmed seeds, 2nd generation Mago's Blue Grass.
May cross the sativa back to this MBG, just to see what happens :27:

had to remove the hydro bottom and lay a new floor.
At least till I can get some empty "seed pods" or the Starter Insert/upgrade.
that's aerogarden.com
Containers are 6 connected seedling pots, about 3x4in. with 6 units.
The MGBfemmed, I planted at 1 seed per unit.
The sativa is over 2 yrs old, so I did about 6-9 seeds per unit.
I'll separate these out/transplant to larger containers first,
if I should get high germination rates and they'll take longer.

Get these goin' and transplant to 1gallon or better pots.
Then use the aeroG to make Babies :):3:

This one is gonna be far&Wide, you could say.
Lot of outdoor space to play with :3:
damn, near as much indoor as I had in Ky.
Justa' lot of work to get the indoor up and runnin'.

I figure,
at least a couple harvest before the sun is 15-18 hrs.
Then I gota' time the weather
for fall conditions(chilly nights at least 3wks) before harvests.

No pics thus far,
of the AeroG with the 12 starter units of wet dirt :3:
tough without a digital camera.
(hint, hint ... SXSW in Austin, Doobie Awards, March somethin' :)
Bring your tent.:3:

I'll be broadcastin'(Over Grow Thwe World)
some about that time of year,
to start my LandRace.

As for the Locals, ain't met many yet.
But the weed is good.
Mids , cheap.
skunky, tight red haired buds
No glass to check the trichs, but it's a bit sticky.

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Just gonna use this thang
(AeroGarden, looks like a flood system, to me)
'cuz it's so compact.

I figure, from the looks of it,
I can get a few started(seeds),
transplanted and cut for clones in a month or so.
Then use it just for clones. It'll do 7 at a time.

Throw my clones in a bucket of water and off to the Fields :)
Every couple weeks,
need to see if they hermie,
when they start at 12-16DYHrs and it gets to 18hrs before they are finished.
I'll slack off along about late May, to like maybe 1 a week.
Just to see what I can see ;-)
and crank back up to planting clones weekly around late Jul.


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it's funnythat you did this with that hydroponics system. lol i was just thinking the same thign when that infomercial came on." maybe you ca ngrow pot in that bitch.." lol prove me right man. good luck

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They say they doing everything big in Texas!


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Ya, it's more aero then hydro I guess :)

Drip aero I recon'?

I'll play with it once the momas are up.
I need to look at gettin' a better Nute/solution and pod supplier.
Damn thing only goes up to 17hrs day cycle.
Built-in timer activates when you plug it in.
They should do a expert model with better day cycle selection.
Later that Day (smrk),
They make a ProSeries with 24 hr light cycle, more wattage and a taller unit. 160US$ and 200US$ They are also Publicly traded,
Nasdaq AERO $6.01 0.10 1.69%
Open: 5.91 Prev Close: 5.91
Day High: 6.09 Day Low: 5.91
Year High: 10.00 Year Low: 4.30

And on the foot front, it's healing :3:
Doc didn't say when I would be fit for duty.
Lawyer is waitin' on me to get a demand package sent out.
I figure being force into homelessness, lost wages, pain and suffering without Good Drugs, should be worth 200 thou :3:


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take em for everything they got man. lol


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i was to understand it had a tank with water that you dropped the nute tablets into.


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Yeapper, tank is the bottom shell of the unit.

The top insert with the holes in it, sits in the tank/bottom
and houses a submerged pump that fills the channels in the top.
On the side of each hole for the pods is a little spout that dumps water/solution on the pods.

The Nute tablets do go in the tank, they are timerelease and last about 2 weeks.
There is a timer that you manually reset that uses a light on the front to alert you to add more.


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lazy man's pot growin device. lol
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