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Got a nice upgrade for my grow today. A big Thank you to Kurt.
Order was placed on Jan 4th late in the day and I picked it up today the 12th.
It was very well pack and secured well in the box, which was nondescript as to contents.

This will be going into a 3X3 tent with 2 plants. (Grand Daddy Purple and a Girl Scout Cookies.
Plants are in pure coco, nurtured with General Hydro Drain to waste lineup.

I like the new layout of this model. It's 260 watt but aligned better to get light to the corners

I had been using a Vipar Spectra 600 and I'm definitely happy with what has done thus far and I would wholeheartedly recommend it as a first purchase. I'm just hoping to take it to the next level with this purchase.

More to come. I hope the girls like it :)


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They just doin their job...never seen a mod get pissed over product names being mentioned(I do it all the time), they just don't want people advertising for non-sponsors(as in thread titles)...which is understandable....
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I think that could be said of all lights. It’s always brightest in the centre. That being said, the XW layout is such that the boards are laid out with a gap in the centre between them to try to minimize this issue