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Blew Hiller

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Took a little time today to re-train and clean up some marginal fan leafs...new OG Kush on the way to take over the Bloody Skunk slot in 2-3 weeks.

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Blew Hiller

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You must be loving the tent and new light
I do! Still not sure which light is better, but together they seem to be doing the trick. Lots of new growth...almost wondering if 20/4 is too much light at this point...I am tempted to pull it back to 18/6. I am getting more withered fan leafs than usual, but not so many it's an issue...just an observation.

Everything else is perfect...temps and RH.


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Blew your flowers are looking good. Nice new light too. Keeps things warm a cozy. Looks good. No cattepillers at the Hillers, lol. :high-five: Boom. Problems solved.

Genetics were looking great up until the rot hit...
Yeah I don't think anyone that doesn't live in the North East USA understands how 56 of 60 days are rain and how it effects plant growth. Shit ain't changed much here either. We count the days of sunlight on 1 hand even in winter now.

2019 gonna get better for sure. Change is the only constant.
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Blew Hiller

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Photo Day! I watered, re-trained and shifted the plants yesterday....all looking happy.

OG Kush in the background...she'll take the position currently occupied by Bloody Skunk.

Seeds germinating to replace the Lemon/Kush/NLxBB (depending on timeline)

Bloody is @ 9 weeks today...maybe another 7-10 days till harvest (breeder said 8 weeks...fastest auto I've grown yet)

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