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Maine Lawmakers Approve Changes to State's Medical Marijuana Law

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Maine lawmakers have approved a bill to revise the state's medical marijuana law. The bill does away with a requirement that patients register with the state, and prohibits law enforcement and state agencies from seizing pot from legally qualified patients, caregivers and dispensaries.

LD 1296 also allows business owners to ban smoking medical marijuana on company premises, and makes several other changes to the law. Gov. Paul LePage is expected to sign the bill, according to spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett.

Medical marijuana advocates are hailing passage of the bill. "This is a tremendous victory for medical marijuana patients and the caregivers who serve them, and for everyone who wants to see people have the right to grow and use a medicine that helps people who are very sick and in a lot of pain live fuller lives," says Jonathan Leavitt of Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine.

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I guess that the Gov. and other State Lawmakers in the state of Maine aren't threatened by the Obama administrations rat assed threats towards the MMJ in there state . Lets hear it for them :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :adore::adore: Raysdad. VOTE FOR JOHNSON IN 2012 !!!!!!
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