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Maine Legislative Committee Discusses Medical Marijuana Bills

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A legislative committee debates several medical marijuana bills Tuesday in Augusta. The committee will discuss questions about writing prescriptions for medical marijuana and rules for testing cannabis. Testing cannabis comes under debate after the investigation into Portland's Wellness Connection of Maine. It is one of the larger dispensaries in the state and came under fire last year for using pesticides on its products. This led to the state tightening restrictions on dispensaries and prohibiting them from using most pesticides. One bill in front of the legislature this session would stop patients use of pesticides on medical marijuana.

The CEO of Integr8 Health Brad Feuer said his doctors would like to see more regulations for marijuana testing. He supports a bill to clarify the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act because of the gray area of lab testing, compensation for test results, and reporting the results. "You need to understand the potency of it (cannabis). So our patients' mothers are coming to us frustrated, specifically because they can't find CBD (cannabidoil) or stuff that supposedly has CBD in it, is not giving them the results they wanted," said Feuer.

Feuer also believes the state should treat medical marijuana like any other herbal supplement. "If you like at this like other types of herbal supplements or other products, there's key types of rules and regulations upholding the public safety. So you can produce these kinds of results and market them to the public, " said Feuer. Other bills would allow nurse practitioners to prescribe medical marijuana to patients and make it easier for people to tour facilities and view the cultivation process. Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Caregivers of Maine has spoken out against touring of facilities, saying the bill is too broad.


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