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Maine's Medical Marijuana Law At Issue In Augusta


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Lawmakers are considering changes to Maine's medical marijuana law. A bill sponsored by Senator Ethan Strimling would provide for a regulated supply system by creating a distribution center for medical marijuana in Maine.
The health and human services committee held a hearing on the bill Monday.

In 1999, Mainers voted to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. People with certain conditions are allowed to grow small amounts of the drug.

But patients say pot is difficult to grow and they're being forced to find other ways to get it.

"On the street, unfortunately, and that is illegal. That's putting yourself in jeopardy. The street element is not something you want to deal with on a regulatr basis as far as getting marijuana from," said Medical Marijuana User Charles Wynott.

The bill calls for a highly regulated center that would grow and distribute marijuana to patients who can not grow their own.

It is facing opposition from law enforcement and the Maine attorney general's office.

The proposed bill would also create an ID card system for medical marijuana patients, and add three conditions to the list for which marijuana can be recommended.

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