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Mainlining Fan or no fan


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bromigo mainlining is a sumary of different techniques and it involves lst too.

Did i cut the the 2nd heads too early ??

day 1 of lst


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Hi evageloua,

I mainlined my peppermit kush (pure indica strain), and it responded very well!

I mainlined at 3rd node (cotyledons not include) when the plant had 5 nodes, to let it create a good root mass.

Remember to remove everyting but the growing tips u wanna use. Everything is better if whole the structure is even!!

The fan is necessary for air circulation, and if u have an extractor too, it's the best!

Using the mainlining you should not have so much problems with mold because the plant only grows a limited numbers of colas and leaves; there is a lot of space for the air to flow.

If you use the mainlining, remember that it is not only lst. Removing many parts of the plant, slows down its growth.

keep it green!!!


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And always remember that you want a fan that is exhausting air 'out' of he room rather than having a fan blowing into the room. As MrWhat said, this it a good idea to remove heat and/or replenish fresh carbon dioxide to the plant. peace
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