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Mainlining Yield & Other Advice Needed


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Back again with another question I would like help with, I know there are probably plenty of info on here but the questions I'd like to know I simply can't find.

I'm trying to stay to a strict grow schedule this year and I need to stick to dates so I can get all the harvests I need, my first harvest will be in the end of February and the same day I plan to switch plants to flower and take more clones so I need to find a method of training and keep being consistent with it and get a harvest exactly every 4 weeks, so the reason for so many questions is why I ask.

So I'm using seeds as well as clones but mostly clones throughout the year, I have two 4*3 tents for flowering alternated for harvests every 4 weeks and a 60*90 veg tent, I would like to keep to around 10 plants total, I currently have 3 in flower, 6 Clones and one seed, my original plan was to only grow 2 per flowering tent but I don't .

I'm just wondering what people yield from mainlining and what each stem roughly got per branch as I imagine it would be semi consistent.

I have included a picture of my clones that I took yesterday there around 6" tall, after the 2nd week of getting roots what are people's growth rates for clones per week?, I have done a hand full of clones and can't remember how long they took to reach a foot tall.

I'm using Cheese, Pamir Gold & Critical, Cheese are around 9 week strains but the Pamir Gold & Critical are 7 week strains but I do plan to only run the best pheno out of each 3 seeds I grow so that I know each clone I train will be the same.


Chris Scorpio

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Like every yield question, just so many variables

Veg time
Growers ability
On and on and on

Find what works for u and go with it, yields will improve as you and your environment do


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Sorry I should have stated all of that in the post bud.

Veg time would be around 2-4 weeks after taking root and into their final pot, seeded plants around 6 weeks from seed into pot to switching to flower.

Strains consist of all Indica dominant short flowering strains while being known for their big yields, Critical 2.0 & Fast Version, few known cash crop strains too.

My growing ability is somewhat average or a little above average.

My medium is Canna Coco and there Nutrients, Perlite mix, my lights are two SP250 lights in tent 1 and I'm planning on buying a QB Board setup for tent 2 which will be 700w.

Yeah I get what you mean that's why I'm growing three of majorly each strain then use the best clone for the foreseeable future and maybe cross breed it at the end of the year to get seeds from.
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