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Major Medical Marijuana Expo in ABQ

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) -But is this good business for the city?

"Everyone we talk to is super excited about it and they tell us it's about time," organizer Aaron Kushmor said.

The major medical marijuana expo is just 8 weeks away and Kushmor expects it'll draw thousands of people.

"10 thousand plus right now," he said. "That projected number is going up."

There will be growing classes, growing equipment and pipes for sale, and even doctors on hand to see if people qualify to get a medical marijuana license.

There is a charge to get in the door, but anyone over 18 can attend.

News 13 asked Kushmor if he's worried that non medical users will use the event as a way to learn how to grow their own pot. He said they don't need the expo to learn how.

"The internet you can learn how to grow medical marijuana," said Kushmore. "Your friend can tell you."

He said this event is serious.

"This is all legitimate everyone wants to get processed through the state of New Mexico for the medical cannabis card."
Terri Cole with the Chamber of Commerce said it will be serious business for the city.

"People in our member restaurants, and puts people in our member hotels here in Albuquerque is a very, very good thing, and very welcomed right now."

But is this convention bad P.R. for the city? The chamber doesn't think so, "Medical marijuana usage in New Mexico is legal so we shouldn't behave as if this is an illegal event," Cole said.

The expo will be July 29th through the 31st. Tickets is 15 bucks in advance. The city owns the convention center but a private company runs it and books events for it.

We wanted to know what the mayor's office thought about the marijuana expo we were told they have nothing to do with it.

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