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Make a Difference in Huntington Beach, CA


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Come join us this Saturday, August 26th Huntington Beach Pier, 1:30 to 4:20. Visit with OC NORML members and find out about the latest in pot happenings including news about the San Diego Dispensary raids. Join with us by holding signs or handing pedestrians marijuana information, or just hang. Limited quantities of cannabis cd's and dvd's will be given away to interested people (that could be you). If you wish, bring a sign to show passing cars that laws against marijuana must change. We always have extra signs for you to borrow, but if you plan to make your own, remember large letters and few words. See standing up for marijuana Legalization for samples of signs from past rallies (many we still use). Substantial beach crowds are expected.

Mapquest to Huntington Beach Pier mapquest We meet at the pier entrance.

A recent Zogby poll shows 50% of Americans (mostly along the coasts) favor legalizing Marijuana for private adult consumption. California will have a Legalize referendum in either 2008 or 2010. These are exciting times, imagine a world of "No Jail 4 Pot". Your help is needed now. Let's sway public opinion towards legalization NOW! Please attend this rally in Huntington Beach. It's fun, gratifying, worthwhile, and really the best use of your day.

Remember............It's not what others do that counts..........it's what you do

See you there.........Mark

P.S. If you really can't make it consider a moderate donation of five or ten dollars to help the cause. Send donations (cash/check/money order) to: Orange County Norml PO Box 11016 Costa Mesa CA 92627
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I live about 30 minutes away from huntington! I would really like to go! and if i do go i'll be sure to donate. i will see you dudes there. it should be awesome. getting together with a bunch of fellow cannabis lovers will be awesome. I am looking forward to meeting all the great people.:allgood:

Legalize it.


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sounds very kool...maybe i could make it!

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So i was down there today with the people from OC normal. We got alot of support from people driving by and where able to spread some cannabis awareness. I had to leave a little early as i didnt drive but i got some pictures and a free pink pig!


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sorry i couldn't make it, was up til 6am working on the site, woke up around 1pm...

please upload the pictures and post them in a thread in the medical setion..

what happened?

thanks bro!


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Went by, talked with a few of the Norml guys, everyone there really knows their stuff. Many folks were being educated on the medical values of Cannabis, and there was plenty of support from passers by with the horns and the cheers.



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I would say ther was around 15 or so OC noraml member there the whole day but they did have alot of people come by and hold signs for half hour or a hour all through out the day. Im actually happy to say my Myspace efforts paid off as 5 people who saw my post about this event showed up. I think you could really see the support in the cars driving by as many honked for our cause.


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I unfortunately didn't get there till just past 3:00, so it was pretty much winding down by that time, but the faithful were still there preaching the good word. It kinda didn't help there were a couple of Intelligent Designist idiots spouting their 'evolution is a lie' crap 10 meters away. But none-the-less there was a lot of support like I said from passers by in their vehicles, and at least a dozen random people using the NORML signs by the side of the road.

PS, if I offened you because you believe in Intelligent Design, I aplogize in advance, but I paid attention in science class.

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